Review: 2010 Infiniti G37S Coupe

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I review the 2010 Infiniti G37S Coupe with the 7-speed automatic transmission. What do you think about these? Huge thanks to Sam for providing me with his car to review!
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Eric Huang says:

The gear box is the only shortage of this car

Wesley Barrientos says:

Need major paint correction

Draggy654 says:

Infinity has to add better tech to their cars thats the one weak point in the brand

KutWrite says:

I've been tempted to upgrade from a 2013 FR-S to one of these or a Genesis V6 coupe.

Except… I'll probably go for a manual trans.

Wait… you used to be the WRX guy, right? You still driving that, or changed your name with your ride?

Carlos Duran says:

Owner of 09 g37s convertible here. I love my car. It is November 2018 and it still turns heads. I get asked about it all the time. G for life!!

karl smith says:

I Want One Only A G37S With Automatic Transmission In Black Red Silver Grey Or White

hey bud says:

I just bought a 2008 with 178 k miles already on it. That's how good these cars are. I had a high mileage g35 as well with 150 k before selling it. The car has very little issues. It does have a small grind when I shift into 5th gear really fast. I think the syncros on 5th are a bit worn and that's not shocking for a car with that many miles on it. I didn't pay a lot for this car considering the excellent cosmetic condition and how well it drives. Mine is lowered and has niche rims, lookin great.. it also has the grill, trunk bill, and badge blacked out with a good quality plastidip job. that blacking out of the silver trim on the car really helps to give the car less of a luxury look. Mine looks anything but luxury now. I had started seeing some aggressive looking g37's around town and realized they didn't have to look like a yuppies car and I could just get myself another Infiniti which is what I know and like.

enrique bravo says:

I would love this car in a 2011-2013 model year

Shawn Sereal says:

He said VQ. It's an HR. VQ was 2003-2007

Josh Anderson says:

G-37x owner with a car that has 160k on the clock and still running strong. The one thing I thought it would be better at is winter driving, everything else has been great.

Hiram Rosa Jr says:

Pretty smooth roads? Where

hey bud says:

Seen several of Matt’s reviews by now and he’s not a bad reviewer at all. Thank god I did it right this time and bought a manual g37. My g35 was auto cause I wasn’t patient enough and I had buyers remorse big time . I’m not against autos btw and think they both have there pros and cons. I just couldn’t get over how crisp the shifts sounded when I heard some bad as manual cars shifting and it feels like that too.

J.G. Bloodworth says:

These cars cost a small fortune to maintain.

Mystic Beast says:

U look like a downy named jacob

RpgOverlordGamer says:

FIPL Gang @Zak Craig

Joe Harder says:

Can't even watch the whole video the guys voice drives me nuts

jmhellison says:

Does the sedan version come in manual? Nice car, only thing is they still run near $10k with 85 miles. How reliable are they? How moddable?

TURBO Pepper says:

Hey buddy I have the same exact damn shirt!!! The faded blue batman!!!!!!!

John ggg says:

Fucking ricer

Unidentified User says:

Yeah this car was cool back in 2010

Jaden Jeong says:

I have a G37, and as much as I love my car, its slow for what it is.

Desmond Ndaba says:

Mr maran , this is your biggest fan in South Africa ,I really wish 2 meet with u as time goes on but I would also like 2 tell u 2 keep up the good work. only u give me precise information about cars and their acceleration etc , I also loved your Dodge challenger SRT demon ,#funniest reaction ever .keep up the good work 10 out of 10 from me.

lucifer lavey says:

this is an example of where a "lesser" model (the G37S) looks a heck of a lot better than the supposed "top of the line" model (IPL version).

bruce wayne says:

7spd auto? Interesting.

xUdieToox says:

Soo, a 370z with leather. ill save ten grand and stick with a 370z, not to mention i already have leather heated seats in mine. ill survive without the dinky ass back seats

Bernard DeRoxas says:

Isn't this and IPL not an S?

drunknmonk12 says:

Blacked out taillights are so shit, what a fucking waste.

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