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Renault Megane RS review:

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Previous Renaultsport Meganes have been among the finest hot hatchbacks ever built – so how does the all-new 2018 model stack up against its forebears, and its current rivals? James Batchelor straps in to find out…

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Kasimir den Hertog says:

Boot of the Megane RS is actually smaller than a Golf R’s. Performance exhaust steals 100 litres from the regular Megane’s 434 litres, making it 334 vs. 340 of the Golf R.

J TheAndroidFreak says:

The question is? Would it be better then the new Focus ST? 🤔😊

Younes Mekraldi says:

It’s a fabulous looking car

TurtleImpaler says:

So TLDR buy a Focus RS. Got it.

Charlie Scott-Wilson says:

This guy grrrrrrr

woody555kl says:

Transmission tunnel? Thought the megane was front wheel drive

四爺 says:

Cars with a on board tab is nothing new these days not much of a main point to buy one except the performance as it advertises.

KariahLuke MacChan says:

Great car but feel civic TypeR better , faster more fun and reliable. Same for trophy

Kevin Troy says:

“It will get on your nerves”…. this guy gets on my nerves.

Andrew Carfax-Foster says:

The most annoying voice on the internet. I thought i was clicking on a carwow link.

Daniel Mann says:

Do you wait for it to rain

Vesna Goranovic says:

The best car

Tom Winter says:

Why compare this to a civic type r and golf r? They are super hatches with prices in a different segment. Get this against focus st and golf gti.

91st Recon Corps says:

Carwow is so much better

Maballo Net says:

Honda left the chat

Charles צ'ארלס says:

The Best Looking Hot Hatches, Renault Megane RS – Honda Civic Type R – Ford Focus RS
Have the ugliest interiors 😀
All Polo/Golf interiors are way better & even the Hyundai's is better.

Karlito Serrano says:

Sorry that's a fake Renault RS, the steering is on the wrong side

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