Renault Captur | Diesel | First Drive Review |

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Renault Captur Expected Price –

This chic and sporty new SUV from Renault is the Captur. At standstill it is hard to believe that it is based on the Duster, but get behind the wheel and the connection becomes obvious. We drive the 1.5 litre diesel engine quipped Captur to see what makes it stand out against rivals such a Hyundai’s Creta, Jeep’s Compass and more importantly its very own sibling. Does a more upmarket and appealing Duster sound like a super recipe to you? Or are there any deal breakers? Watch to find out!


nJ says:

👍👍😊How is d cabin noise, fit & finish as compared to Renault Duster???☺️☺️😊

Vlad Kollerov says:

Isn't it based on Clio? Duster based is Kaptur!

Car Lover says:

Captur is a bakwaas car

girish dhanresha says:


Anil Rathore says:

Lagta hai is gadi mein kwid ki tarah kharab maal laga hoga. Mein toh Kwid leke pachta raha hoon.

krunal patil says:

Nice review..beautiful car..but why capture not doing well in India?

gurprit singh says:

Yep.. French car are Ugly.

Kartish Nair says:

Renault cars have Pathetic Resale Value. This will be a flop product like Koleos.

deepak jacob says:

Renault vehicles are good but please make servicing and spare parts costs low..

Raj Rathore says:

This car looks different in person than in videos and pics. It's much better looking and when you consider it buying and compare prices with creta, I found that it offers more features from base variant than creta even when compared with same price creta. It's wider and longer than creta, has flatter and better ride quality. Has almost equal space. Doesn't have apple carplay and android auto, but bluetooth works fine. Steering is much better than creta. Creta is selling like crazzy though, because I think Indians like square shapes than roundness. But when viewed in person, capture looks better, in pics creta looks better.

harish babu says:

Kartikeya any day over shitty autocar…

Rohit Bhatia says:

KS, this is what I was talking about 🙂

Avinash Jadhav says:

Which one I should buy for Mumbai Goa highway with respect to power creta or captur


babuso pednekar says:

The captur is larger version of the Renault Clio and is outdated, instead Renault should have launched the Kadjar here. India always get outdated products from most carmakers.

ujjwal negi says:

Our best reviewer go sir go 🤗🤗🤗🍻🍻🍻🤗🤗🤗👍

Fahim Momin says:

sir mention your height in each video when you review last row seat

Ss rdd says:

Price is high.

Manish Mahanti says:

Truly worthless review. Infact all reviews are. Let the buyer do by himself or herself. Educate buyers on what should be checked not what this guy believes. Give info that is hard to obtain. You don't want to talk about sporty handling in a MPV. Anything which is not purposefully built around sport events shouldnt be looked from that dimension. Similarly, what do you mean by bumpy? Bumpy ride for a weak person is different from bumpy ride for someone who does good posterior chain exercises. No empirical measures. Absolutely none.

Genesis ** says:

this video is funny with this guy. it takes him 4 minutes to actually sit in the car. imagine him on a date. then mistake he wore a polyester t poor man is sweating like a water fall.

Nakul Jhagirdhar says:

The massive road presence and the sharp styling ofCaptur cannot be compared to any other SUV.

Abhinav Ghosh says:

Renault Captur is designed out of the box. Interiors as well as exteriors are so attractive. Memorable SUV of India.

Mad Rocks says:

Nice Review! I heard about this car when it was introduced in the Auto-expo, some years back. But now when I have seen the complete picture, in my opinion, Its a buzz factor. It looks perfect. Design class-apart, features best-in-class, riding capabilities! Can't say anything until test-drive, but if I go with the words, then it should be best-in-class.

Harman Bhavsar says:

The price factor is the real catch for Captur. Priced at 9 lakhs for base variants, Captur is a handsome buy for all pretty good features that comes in package!

Satyam Kumar says:

Captur is captivating with amazing features, design and the SUV specs.

Mayur Sharma says:

Nice car from Renault, actually more premium as compared to duster. Looks better than every car in the segment.

Amol Deshpande says:

Very detailed review. I really like how captur looks and renault has tried really hard to give more this time. It really is a premium car.

Dinesh Joshi says:

Impressive!! I wonder how Renault manage to design such good looking cars. Captur turn-out the statement true 'Captur the senses'

Shobhit Bansal says:

Conventional sized SUV, nice for mid-sized families. boot space seems good enough. Captur can make the drive easy in bad city traffic.

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