Renault Captur 2018 SUV in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews

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This is the Renault Captur. It was one of the first cars to kick off the mini-SUV craze back in 2013, but since then a huge crowd of rivals have burst into the class. The Captur gained a raft of updates for 2018, so do the tweaks keep it competing towards the top of the class? I find out in this full, in-depth review.

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reethesh cm says:

Will you review the new EcoSport 2018??

Aviper says:

The only impressive thing is it's ground clearance wch is 210mm

Phil Frost says:

I have the auto. And im getting 42mpg. You say in your video not to get the automatic well it beats any other car moving off traffic lights. More power in this then the manual ford c max and the grand c max. On the same engine ford would only do 36mpg.

Techder Audios says:

My parents have it an we like it a lot 😁

3mariusx says:

I do apreciate the build of the wings plastics and the wheels protections also the doors, there it looks like a very good suv

3mariusx says:

You should review cars by theyr build materials outside too. Captur is very nice done with a big exception. The floor panel is not protected by any plastics. All suvs should have that! Roscks will dent the floor and it will rust. Also renault has no zinc on the body. Poor waranty for rust only 6 years

3mariusx says:

The dashboard is amazing. Why someone needs navigation on their car? They are all rubish! You can use mobile phone or dedicated gps with igo.

3mariusx says:

And what are the alternatives? :))

BloodMaster says:

It looks exactly the same as the old one.

The Rider says:

Please do a review on the Mazda CX3

Faisal Sayed says:

Waiting for Skoda Fabia and Opel Mokka @carwow

Abhishek Dev says:

A looser like most of Rennault cars.

scottish matters says:

Kona review please

Pranav Naresh says:

The car is not worth a few lakhs more than the duster

Pranav Naresh says:

The India spec version gets horrible interior quality and no sunroof, and a worse touchscreen like the one you get on the Renault kwid

Eric George says:

There are so many cunts on here that do not like this car that don't know fuck all about the Captur. They are great to drive, look amazing, have loads of space, handle well, have a fab looking interior, have Satnav, cruise control, auto wipers and lights, keyless entry, Bluetooth connectivity and the list goes on. Bunch of cunts who know fuck all so go screw yourselves.

Надин Ахматова says:

Definitely, this is the best car on the market today.

Nathan Bell says:

Cool Review

Ahmed Shaban says:

Review the new Duster please

Cameron Williams says:

religious powerful lifestyle championship freeze desire adolescent death football.

R A says:

13k for this!?!?!!?!?
in norway you´ll get an entry level up…

Anton U. says:

It would be really nice if you could list down the alternatives in the video. Thanks for all your videos anyways 🙂

Deer in Headlights says:

In the left steering wheel version ,there is a glove box with 11 liters.

Pedro Moreira says:

Thumbs up for the center console shake test!

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