Redline Review: 2015 Nissan 370Z Nismo

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With an all-new model in the works, Nissan adds one last refresh to its second-generation 370Z sports car. With 350 horsepower and one of the best handling rear-drive platforms on the market,…


Kev50027 says:

I have to disagree with you about putting reverse next to 6th gear rather
than next to first. Putting reverse next to 6th makes no logical sense.
You’re most likely to go from 1st to reverse and back the most often, so
having them close together makes more sense, and keeps all of the gears in
order. What’s your reasoning behind preferring reverse to be next to 6th?

oscar trujillo says:

You’re back! My favorite reviewer keep it up

VicioustC says:

That cabin noise sounds pretty bad. Do you think the noise is due to the
tires or insufficient sound insulation? 

MrGovenator1 says:

After owning a Genesis coupe for the past year. I wouldn’t recommend it to
any one over a 370. If you literally have to have the the back seats, fine,
thats all its got going for it over the Z. I have never been in the second
generation Genesis, but the first gen is a little rough. It has a lot of
soft touch plastics, but every thing scratches easy, and the leather might
as well be vinyl. My car had 30k miles on it when I got it, and shortly
after getting it the steering wheel has really started to deteriorate. I
have talked to a couple of other people who own one, and along with me,
they have issue with the steering of the car. While driving straight the
steering wheel is actually turned to the left by up to 15 degrees I would
say. It literally drives me insane. The only time I really enjoy the car is
when I get to drive it hard, and all those issues seem to disappear for the
time being. Oh, and there might be more sound deadning in the Genesis. The
way every one describes the cabin noise in the 370 sounds much worse than
the Genesis. The ride quality is all so quite rough. And don’t get me
started about the 6 speed manual in the Genesis. While I have heard the
second gen transmission was upgraded and took some of the issues away, the
first gen is utter junk. Hard to drive smooth, especially when going from
1st to 2nd, and sometimes 2nd to 3rd. The clutch is super high and is quite

Take my word for it – 370 > Genesis coupe. 

GT6SuzukaTimeTrials says:

Both the original Nissan Z-car and GT-R were sold for the 1970 model year.
The Z hasn’t been around longer than the GT-R.

Dylan Wood says:

First time I’ve heard the expression “Long on the tooth.” 

TheWhoDatWhoady says:

Just a small observation and definitely not hating, but you use the phrase
“long in the tooth” way to much IMHO.

Goru Minosyan says:

We want Honda Fit review!

We want Honda Fit review!

We want Honda Fit review!

We want Honda Fit review!

We want Honda Fit review!

dave dunn says:

Youre vids are so good but not frequent anymore….why 🙁 

MRFUCKOFF202 says:

Can you turn the auto-blip off? I want to do it myself. No! No forced
induction… I love the noise this makes.

Biddybalboa says:

No excuse for the technology being so shit in a modern $35,000 dollar car
They can never make a decent UI with responsiveness comparable to what we
get in a $200 tablet. Pathetic.

MrRedcola1 says:

Call me a fan boy. But fuuuuuuuuck this car looks good as fuck

Greg Coleman says:

Your use of “long in the tooth” is getting long in the tooth.

R34L DR34M says:

The Z’s been out longer then the GT-Rs??

analanalyst says:

it is NOT time for this car to go the forced induction route…

OneWayofLiving says:

The look of this Nismo is awesome. But the reason the Z doesn’t get any
love is because it needs more horsepower to stay relative. Car buyers in
this segment have a lot of hp options. 400+ for similarly priced offerings
from Ford and Chevy. So either add more HP or remove some weight. Having
driven the 370Z for the last 3 years, the reason I replaced mine was
because I just wanted a little more umph. Great steering, bullet proof
drive train and lots of fun with the 6 speed. Tech package is a must. 

Priscarlo Tucker says:

@ 2:03 you said 2013 (model) bro…

Redline Reviews says:
chikna2015 says:

My GT mustang will smoke both genesis and 370z 

xarnoldx10 says:

I do miss the old style of 370z nismo. I feel that it definitely looked
better. Now this generation does look good but just not as aggressive.

msjconnolly says:

gen coupe is better

Turner Pendergrass says:


Bruce Wayne says:

This guy must be a blast at parties -_________-

Darren Persad says:

I love the content you guys put out, and every time I see a new video, I
also see better quality and more effort. Kudos to you on this review being
one of your best yet. Keep it up – I’m eagerly awaiting your next one.

dawhitecastle says:

Also are you in Maryland? Saw Bethesda on the nav

Aaron Su says:

When is next gen 370 coming out? Is it going to be called 390?

H3T Alpha says:

You’ve got the editing skills, the script, and everything else down, all
you need is a makeup crew.

Kingofheavyweights says:

I never got this but who in the world uses a touch screen nav on a race
car, enjoy and look at the road don’t make it a grandma’s minivan and put
that in maybe before a trip yeah and it will guide you but to be messing
around with while changing gears smfh I always thought that too.

TheBuinessZ says:

This car is underwhelming and pointless in my opinion. Nissan needs to up
their game. Highly disappointed.

WafflesOrFrenchToast says:

This guy is like Saab Kyle but better and doesn’t have an annoying voice



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