Redline Review: 2014 Hyundai Elantra

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A safe and solid pick in the highly competitive compact class, the refreshed 2014 Hyundai Elantra still offers buyers a strong warranty, plentiful features, …


Naoufalitos24 says:

$25,000 ? Oh, my God!
Get a used Mercedes for that kind of money.

Bruno Danese says:

for this price you can get a Mazda 3, which is WAY more stylish, more
economical and the interior feel is comparable to the 1 series BMW

Show Me What I Need To Know says:

I have a 2013 Elantra and hate it. DO NOT BUY THIS CAR!!!
* Brakes are utterly horrific. I still cannot stop smoothly. I’ve tried
turning the rotors and replacing the pads — none of which has helped.
* Suspension sucks (the back likes to squirm around when driving over
bumps, which is “normal” for this car)
* Visibility sucks (front and rear)
* No steering feel — feels like a video game
* Seats suck (too wide and bolsters offer little support)(No lumbar support
in manual seats)(Head restraint pushes head too far forward, which gives a
stiff neck)
* Very vulnerable to cross winds (makes road trips and freeway trips
* Gas mileage is horrible in rural driving (average 22-24; car is rated at
28 and that’s in the city — rural should be better)
* Transmission shifts are slow
* I already have more paint chips on the front bumper than my previous 12
year old car had when I sold it
* Hazy defect in windshield which Hyundai refuses to fix
* The engine retards the timing between shifts (presumably to put less
strain in the tranny), which makes moderate to heavy acceleration runs even
more frustrating.

My previous car was a 2002 Elantra, which was better than the 2013 in every
way (aside from safety). Basically, the newer Hyundais look good, but
drive like crap. Very frustrating; I totally regret buying this car, but I
guess I only have myself to blame.

845ToastT says:

Any plans on reviewing the Mazda CX5? They really seem to be growing in
popularity lately.

Jonathan Altieri says:

Only thing I don’t like, is the plastic on the back of the front seats.
That is so dumb Hyundai. Other than that, it’s a good little car. 

bubanzizwag pnw says:


Benito Caspo says:

Very dependable car.

David C Schlesinger says:

+2theRedline 7:20 – Actually, I believe the Sonata does have heated rear
seats on the limited model, as mentioned on the 2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited
review a while ago. I am not sure what generation Sonata you are comparing
the Elantra to, but hopefully Hyundai did not take out the heated rear seat
feature on the redesigned 2015 Sonata.

Rakan Saleh says:

fucking gay !!!!!!! 

Kaelin Curtsinger says:

This car is a bit too loud

Steven Lebbing says:

Well my dad is looking at a Hyundai he is looking at the new 2015 Hyundai
Geneis and i think you can only get those in AWD if you get the AWD it was
have a heated wheel so heated back seats too. So i don’t know why the RWD
Models even on the V6 and the V8 you can’t get heated wheel and heated back
sits and you can all get them on the AWD V6. Also the other thing is you
can’t get AWD in the V8’s one why is that? But i do love the new Hyundai
Geneis me and my dad he went to test drive a RWD 3.8 V6 last Saturday at
the dealer close to his office. But last night he went to the Hyundai
dealer close to my house and he test drove a 3.8 V6 with AWD.

محمد يوسف says:

ŢÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜŃćČ owners join in Twitter @ Elantra2015

DustinB855 says:

Literally you can get a loaded Kia forte for about the same price and it
drives better, has a much better interior,and more technology and power.
It’s Korean sibling is out doing them

Jonathan Altieri says:

My neighbor is renting a 2014 Elantra. Went on a long trip and I find it
very quiet, plush, and comfortable. For a twist beam rear suspension, it
seemed to have a planted, steady ride to me. It’s very solid and well
built. Again, I don’t like the plastic on the back of the front seats. The
headroom is a little tight in back, cause of the design, but that’s really
my only complaint. The 1.8 L is pretty adequate for power. 

dave dunn says:

Hyundai is the best bang for your buck and create exciting products the way
honda used to years ago. I went from a honda/acura guy to a hyundai guy.

Crispin Sugita says:

I wonder how the new Corolla is compared to this car. It would be cool if
you could review one with te six speed.

Steve Miller says:

I drove a 2013 Elantra GLS as a rental, and actually didn’t mind this car.
Got decent gas mileage (high 20’s in the hills of West Virginia with 3
people and AC on the entire time, 37 on the highway), and my 6’2” fit
perfectly in the front and the back seats. I will say, I did experience the
back end squirming around when hitting bumps (like many others have
mentioned), but overall it was a decent vehicle for the money. I would
definitely buy the Forte over the Elantra though, because of feature
content and styling. Am interested highly in seeing what the next
generation Elantra will bring us.

Jared Gardea says:

Nice review. Definitely take a 3 with a 6 spd over this any day though. 

Kamaka Chang says:

Thank you for pointing out you rarely rest your arm or touch a soft top
dashboard, but you touch sides and top of the door more often. I would much
rather have better materials on the doors than on top of the dash.

Ling Jin Li says:

haha @ 9:06 . one of its competitors

yotchsy says:

I got the 2014 sport, the sunroof makes a rattle/flapping noise when you
hit the 55mph or more

camerakid92 says:

I bought a ’14 Elantra Limited in Blue recently…I love it, it fits my
needs perfectly. Getting around economically with some style. 😀 I think
the Elantra is one of the best looking in its class IMO. I like the Elantra
because it’s small on the outside, but really roomy on the inside. Great
for lugging friends around. I’ve been averaging about 30-31 around town so
I don’t know how some other people were getting really bad mileage? 

Yash Agarwal says:

Amazing but not of my class

James Calalo says:

nothing against the car I think elantra is a beauty but I think reviews on
plastic dashboard should be stopped I mean come on it looks good anyway why
is it such a big deal for a Hyundai or other Asian cars.. 

Duy Anh Trần Nam says:

What is the name of first song? Please thanks you

Thanh Nguyen says:

got this for 15k…before tax and everything…still really good price for
all feature it offers…

John W says:

this guy kinda bias on with the honda and ford (he has repeated at least 3
times)… LOL… for a car manufacturer company that still considered as
young.. i think Hyundai is doing a great job copping up with so many other
senior and well developed car manufacturers.. but i kinda agreed with him
that mazda sky activ technologies still kinda beats hyundai nu engine
technology… Hyundai really gonna fight harder~ 

thweepz says:

i like the hyundai elantra. its a shame honda is going with cvt. but
hyundais transmissions are actually not too bad. of course the 4 speeds
beforehand were very lazy but i noticed just in comparison with the 2011
and 2013 that i drove, the transmission was noticeabily more responsive.
and engines usually dont go out unless not maintained so i mean, why not

Adam Murphy says:

Was waiting for this review for a while now. The Elantra and the Subaru
Impreza are the only new compacts I have not test driven yet. I won’t
bother looking at the Elantra now because I cannot stand that cheap car
ride feel with the torsion beam rear suspension crashing over bumps. I like
a nice smooth well-balanced ride like you get in the Mazda3 and the Jetta.
IMHO those are the best driving compact cars. Thanks for the review!

Megatron2013 says:

2014 Hyundai Elantra Coupe has only one version. 

ToyotaCelicaDude1 says:

Love the sound of the car when he guns it! I love 4 cylinders.

bmwmsport11 says:

I like the price and features the car comes with, but as far as variety its
really limited. 

RayzaBlayz says:


Lord Trini says:

dude you put in work…. good job with the reviews

Redline Reviews says:
J McCracken says:

This guy is advertising three cars while talking. And speaking of talking
his mouth is running like a Country Auctioneer.

Emin Semedov says:

please song name

Mojokiller ShiftTwo says:

Test the Dodge Dart plz… i like how u active test the car with the camera
showing the car at cornering …dont change that plz.

CB Yond says:


Naoufalitos24 says:

After seeing this video, I expect the price to be substantially
inexpensive, so much hard plastic and the interior just screams economy.

845ToastT says:

I’m not buying a car, but I look forward to the reviews anyways.

zivzik2 says:

Дизайн – класс! Но почему двигатель DOHC, а не GDI? 

mani kedia says:

Awesome car

夏目銀之助 says:

h nda Elantra

Francisco Velazquez says:

So does it have a rear stabilizer bar and a spare tire? 

Travis Cyprien says:

Can you do the Review on the Hyundai Tucson

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