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This is the new Range Rover! When it comes to recognizable SUVs, you’ll be hard-pushed to find one more well-known the world over than the Range Rover. But as you can imagine, that imposing build and luxury interior doesn’t come cheap, with entry-level editions starting from £84,000! So does the latest edition still offer enough to compete with other new large SUVs like the GLS or X7? Stick with Mat and find out!

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carwow says:

2:25 – Looks like Mat's messed up again – you have to kick behind the left or right rear wheel to operate the hands-free tailgate. The sensor isn't in the middle, because many Range Rover owners tow. We've issued him with a final written warning… Again!

Karl Delavigne says:

Motorcars do not have chairs; they have seats.

Ahmed M7md says:

First world problems 😂 lol

Lorenzo Martín says:

Seeing how you treat the car, I wouldn't lend it to you if it were mine….

Mamaduke says:

Never ever ever do the geeky science guy thing ever again. FUCKING AWFUL

S D says:

That piece of crap should only be 40,00😑

Kwan Linus says:

There is a cheap SUV, and then there is an expensive SUV, but ultimately, people would settle for a Range Rover

marhawk says:

That’s the one thing I hate about the new rover. I sat in the back once and was surprised how low the seats are. At 6:58 look how high his knees are. My 2007 hse isn’t like that and we’re he same height

Brian Wright says:

The video quality looks better than ever, what camera/hardware are you guys using in this video?

phenom 1185 says:

Why havent you reviewed the escalade or navigator?

KLJ says:

I did my vape from my friends dad in there when I drove my moms car to theirs so don’t say that little back storage thing is completely useless😂😂😂

Kojo12games says:

We'll raid

Nazia Rizwan says:

9:22 u have broken the suitcase ur wife isnt going to be happy. 😂

Tony Komery says:

I was wondering why you do not speak about reliability when you made this videos, range rovers are known for notorious bad reliability record specially now that they are bought by Tata the Indian company. I see you have a lot of followers, please be more objective with your followers.

Dire Wolf says:

This car is made in the USA but sucks like shit. This car can break down within 4 days. Don't buy this car.

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