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The Range Rover has become a motoring icon since it was first launched back in 1970 and the latest version, fresh from a recent facelift, still manages to look contemporary despite its familiar silhouette. Batch takes the big luxury SUV for a spin to see if it offers everything we’ve come to expect from the famous name.

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gaurav dutta says:

Orange !!!!

진성홍 says:

Luxury and the least reliable car.

Erick W says:

Those pants are atrocious

Robert Bradley says:

Are you buying a vehicle or a status symbole. Here in Canada they are an electronic nightmare never knowing what will or what work each day. Oh you damaged the headlight and had to replace it $4890 in Canadian dollars. Watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KePrK9FseGk

Ryan Brydon says:

I adore range rovers etc. nic vid. by ryan b

Bored AF says:

You're saying velar wrong

Hi I hacked you - your best friends says:

this is a rip off of Carwow

Country Man says:

It is a great car -I have owned three now. Yes the maintenance and reliability can be an issue, but its getting better. At there new price point the Bentley Bentayga has to be considered as an alternative.

Nomad129 says:

The only thing leaving him quicker than fans is his hair line 🤣

Mirikh Gaming says:

Find a new actor.

gemixnew gmail com says:

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when there is no such thing as rich people…those people are humans like you and all they have that you dont is drive,courage,guts and Gods grace… dont just sit and give up…

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.you can own 10 of these cars..with the right trades

Ahmad Qassim Omar says:

Is he Gay? That was hard to watch but hey, stick to your hustle

ktpinnacle says:

$100+K and the touch screens are still "laggy."

Another year, another fail.

Michael Hrisca says:

No offense but the guy has a face for a Walmart greeter not a TV presenter

brixtonwa says:

You look really uncomfortable and squished behind the wheel.

jas harvey says:

i'd rather have BMW X7 .

rami abram says:

If you're going to off road you com back with toyota

a10ace says:

My skoda has more std extras.

Chris Dale says:

It's a Land Rover first and a Range Rover second

t m says:

Wtf those trousers are horrible

M Man says:

Interior colour just depressed me. Deadpan

Bence Békefi says:

He should buy himself hair

TheOnwodi says:

Mr this is a Land Rover, that's like asking Lexus to write Lx570 on the key instead of a Lexus logo, so sir Land rover is the brand smh

macthewesty says:

Touch screens and driving do not mix! BMW got it right by keeping the iDrive controller as well as touch screens.

Asian Iq says:

What an amazing car

Serbischer Stolz says:

he looks nice, but crap…often you need to visit service, what's not so nice..

stephen RC says:

I’d love a Range Rover, too. On QEII terms. Full-spec purchase, running costs, maintenance and breakdowns paid for by the British taxpayer. What-d-ya say taxpayers? …Just one?

John Doe says:

Ugh, this guy is way too smug.

MrPhotographer4 says:


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