PURE EVIL – Or Misunderstood Masterpiece? The TVR Cerbera Speed Six Review

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TVRs are pretty wild cars at the best of times – but few are madder than the outrageous Cerbera. Styled like a hot rod, with an interior from space – and TVR’s own fire breathing engines – this is a recipe for insanity on wheels. But is it really as evil as it looks?

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Adrian Oldfield says:

4.5 V8 much better, had one for three years and clocked up over 30k miles, but almost lost my AA membership haha

SLPC says:

iirc the gap in the back between boot lid and window was an aerodynamic feature

Christopher Puls says:

Speed six and Speed 12 R legendary ! The speed 8 too . L6 , V12 , V8 :))) Nice Video ! Great car !

P ara says:

Had a 4.5 Cerb for 3 years. Bonkers is the right word.

OakTooth says:

Underrated channel with great content 👍

Dean Pluthero says:

Mine has tried to call me numerous times over the years. However, you did drive semi murdering Speed6 and not the AJP 8
– a proper killer

on the indicators, For RIGHT you push down to turn on and push down again to cancel. You don't move the stick up which is actually LEFT. its all the fun that makes you try to kill yourself.

Englishman inFrance says:

I had 4 TVR's from the eighties through early 90's. 2 2500M's & 2 Taimars. OK in the dry but would swap ends in a heartbeat if you pushed too hard in the wet. I loved them anyway even though they weren't really that fast.

Ian Ashton says:

I had an S, a V8S and a Griffith 500 and they were all great cars in their own right. Next on the list was a Cerbera but I ended up getting divorced and it didn’t happen……. yet 🙂

America's Choice says:

sounds great.

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