Promoted: Dacia Sandero – What Car?'s Best Small Car under £12,000 award

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Plenty of space, plenty of power, and plenty of kit. That’s why Dacia’s remarkable Sandero has won What Car?’s Best Small Car under £12,000 award for the past five years running. In fact, the only thing it hasn’t got plenty of is numbers after the £ sign.

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Eric George says:

Good Car and who is the presenter, SHE IS LOVELY!!

Josh Bacon says:

(James May intensifies)

MrMadness says:

Good news!!!

TJ says:

Badge snobs are always going to give this car bad comments. I have now owned 2 sanderos. And whilst the cheapness of the interior is obvious nothing has ever fallen off and there are no rattles or squeaks. My first one was a 2015 1.2 petrol which was unrefined and noisey. I now have a 2017 0.9 tce ambiance which is brilliant they are actually quite quick for the size I had mine sitting at 110mph quite happily (very quiet dual carriageway) the amount of space you get is unreal too and for £7500 brand new with a 5 year warranty theres no contest.

Manele Nation says:

James May approves ! 🙂

Oscar Lee says:

Good news! It's the Dacia Sandero!

Gigel Chiazna says:

does Sandero 2017 pass the moose test?

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