Peugeot 5008 FULL REVIEW – this or 3008 ? – Autogefühl

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In today’s Autogefühl’s episode, we present you the Peugeot 5008 and also draw a comparison to the smaller brother 3008.

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eriks vonrosen says:

if you ask me it's not true that you have no control with the steering wheel. when i sold peugeots, i drove it like i stole it every single day with the big petrol engine (165hp). And it did just fine. i like them very much with the small strearing wheel.

Bruno Huang says:

Thumbs up before watching!

Siemen Dilissen says:

Another great review autogefuhl team !:)

Could you also do a review of the peugeot 308 GT 225hp EAT8? it has a new engine and 8 speed gearbox which I'm interested in 🙂


Da StormtroopeR says:

A good car, when the seat belts are in the right position.😁 That's a detail but details could be annoying, so important to pay attention to that. 👍
Thanks for reviewing this car, now the 508 should be the next Peugeot, promising design.

Kim Ridgwell says:

It is worth mentioning that you actually completely remove the third row seats in order to provide extra load space – which is not the case with the Mk1 5008 (the one that I have) – small point but nevertheless important I think.

Tobias Hjorth says:

Want a not-so-flashy/in style with a lot more room version of this car go for the Citron Grand Picasso. Essentially the same car (PSA platform, same style of modern dashboard, even less buttons) without the SUV bling and with much better seatings even for 7.
No so good looking but you're looking at a 7 seat family hauler no mater which of the two you select.

Emilien Durand says:

When these cars 3008 and 5008 comes out I was really impressed by their design it looks really refreshing but to me they look old already :/ maybe because of all that black plastic around the car. The interior however is still gorgeous.

Ino Haasbroek says:

I’m surprised by the low l/100km you got. I’ve driven this car as a rental around Madrid (hilly driving), and we managed to get 5.2 l/100 km, which amazed me since we had three or four people in the car with luggage.

Vaidas Kazakevičius says:

Seems like it's common to french cars: not equal attention to details, some parts are very good, some are not as good. As in this case really nice extrior, nice seats, good trunk practicallity, but artifficial steering, not so informative brakes, those interior sounds….

Prasad Chawan says:

There should be laws for third row seats they are very cramped and not safe for passengers and manufacturer still building cars without considering safety .

White Wolf says:

Welche Stadt war das? Die sieht schoen aus. Tolle Kritik wie immer.

annecy49 says:

Hello Thomas, thanks for this long-awaited review! To stay with Peugeot, do you have plans to review the Rifter? Thanks!

xyxyBeautyLoverxyxy says:

Yes, NICE! Just love your reviews.

We have made this decision six months ago- 3008 or 5008.
The biggest difference for us though the 7-seater option. And we love it.

The interior is amazing- it just looks great. The iCockpit works perfectly smooth and is well thought through. Just getting in the car gives you a great feeling.
The kids love it, too.
And it just looks posh 😅

We chose the 2 Liter diesel engine with 150 hp, our model is the top-spec GT.
We absolutely do not regret our decision. Great family car with very nice looks, we have definitely been turning some heads with it. (And people asking about it!)

dan moo says:

So cool to hear you speak in german lol

Maxi Diaz Battan says:

Great review, amazing car! Also, what a beautiful place, where it is?

Mohammed Miya says:

Its called eye for details by Thomas😊. Even seat belts are mentioned👏👏.
Hey…waited for my comment?

Eduardo Simoes says:

Does Peugeot cars have a solid reputation in europe?
Here in Brazil their cars have a very bad reputation (yeah, our roads sucks and the fuel is like poison, but if a car does not perform well the problem is with the manufacturer! Logic? None!)

incassable says:

Hi ! Thanks for this review, as usual very helpful !
There is one missing answer though: in this price range, is this the best 7 seater SUV ? Do you prefer the Kodiaq for example ?
the 5008 is one of the few SUV with 3 isofix and indépendant seats, really disappointed by Skoda that they didn’t go that way as well.

A Decent Lootbox says:

Hey thomas, awesome review!!! smartphones are unmissable nowadays. Maybe could you in reviews also put a little mention on where you put your mobile Phone and what sizes fit in there? My Peugeot 308sw 2014 Cant hold my oneplus5 for example. Only takes a few seconds to show. I love autogefuhl!

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