Peugeot 3008 SUV 2018 in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews

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The new Peugeot 3008 takes a radical departure from the car that came before it. Where the old one looked ungainly and frumpy, its replacement is one of the sharpest family crossovers on the market. So the looks are sure to catch the eye, but how does it drive? Is it good enough to tempt buyers away from rivals like the Nissan Qashqai or the SEAT Ateca? Find out as I put it to the carwow test in my full in-depth review.

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yoga asix says:

Unfortunately this car quite pricy when entering South East Asia

Fady Fahim Orthodontics says:

Peugeot 3008 vs Hyundai Tucson ??? Please help

britshell says:

If didn't tell me it was a Peugeot I would have thought it was a Nissan Rogue.

Larry A says:

Nobody buys a French car

Richard Wilson says:

Lol this costs usd 50k in my country

david lawton says:

Having had a car with a large “A” pillar , which acts as a Bad blind spot, I would never again buy a car with such a blind spot. This car is beautiful except for that fault.

eacorion says:

Uh dont push down an electric boot

babattaja says:

it's not like there was an button to push it down or anything..

Charles K says:

Got another one
Love it!

Samuel Bueno says:

i still own the 3008 2013 and is the one that come with diesel hybrid i love it very comfortable and great km per liter love it

Florian Haffner says:

To me the car looks absolutely hideous

Milowee says:

Hi Matt. Which do you think is better, Manual or Auto? I am looking to order the GT line 1.2. I have been driving manual and would really like to try an auto car, but it’s more expensive

ronch550 says:

4:45 – I'm in the Philippines and here this is selling for about €39,000 (petrol) to €43,000 (diesel). It looks upscale but those prices are just way way higher than what you have there in the UK, so here it feels as expensive as it is!! 😂

Robert Bold says:

My uncle told me the 3008 is a poor man's Range Rover… A bit harsh I thought!
I like; I've actually shortlisted this lovely SUV.

alistair creary says:

very good looking car pity it has so little power 🙁


Tiguan r line looks much better than this

Mark Thompson says:

I've watched a lot of carwow videos and this is the first one where Matt recommended to buy it. Now, the only problem is money…

poolshark7896 says:

That small steering wheel kills it for me

Supreme TW says:

I almost bought this car until i test drove it. Omg how bad the suspension is especially when sitting in backseat.
Seat Ateca is very firm ride and sporty but it wasnt that bad as this car. Tried out Karoq and i knew instantly i made right choice by getting Skoda. 3008 has the looks but that almost decieved the ride quality. Also its not that agile.

Jason Parsons says:

This car is really roomy and practical!! I bought it three months ago and still I haven't find any issue with it despite the daily use!!!

Peter Quinn says:

The diesel engines are way too noisy

Pranav Naresh says:

Peugeot is finally coming back to India in 2019!Yaay!!

Dickson Jame says:

I need fuel oil car , but not electronic car, I will buy it

Fissle Wine says:

I saw the car today, and it looks much better than in the in video, oddly enough…

Hertfordshire Allotment Life says:

I have seen this car recently on the roads. It is such beautiful car!

Luc Rolland says:

This is just a Mitsubishi. These vehicles are overated and offer very little. They are just higher and may have AWD. Not a good use of space like in MPVs such as the Renault Gran Scenic or Citroen Picasso. Larger wheels meaning more expensive. Higher center of gravity meaning less road holding and worst dynamics. Heavier then less safe as they take longer braking distances on the road and costing more petrol, polluting more and kore CO2. They barely compare with MPVs or estates in terms of being practical.

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