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Peugeot 207 hatchback 2014 review:
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A great all-rounder that’s good to drive, and neatly styled. With a sporty handling and comfortable seats it manages to serve up a good blend of performance and practicality, though three door versions – which feel cramped in the back – lack the family appeal of five door models. The supple ride is a real highlight, and ensures that the Peugeot remains composed and stable on all but the very roughest roads. It’s quiet on the motorway too, which makes it a decent cruiser. Diesel versions offer good economy, but unless you plan to do big miles in the car, we would recommend sticking to the 1.4 and 1.6-litre petrol editions.

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Trafalgar Law says:

I really like this car, but i'm not sure whether to get this, or a Corsa

GOrDoN ReMseY says:

Im the type of person who doesn't judge until ive drove something but honestly a LOT of people dont seem to like it 😂 plus a friend of mine had one and news flash broke down even after it got a new clutch in the previous day which is hilarious

JimboRustles says:

Dreadful car.

dru says:

i took a driving test in this car and i loved it

keewee23 says:

avoid at all costs, amazing amount of money for repairs peugeot fucking sucks, never again. and driving sucks also, i feel every bump on road.

xvc00 says:

I dont like ford but this cars gear reallyis anoying.

Steamy Stylish says:

I'm picking a 1.4 engine tomorrow is it a good drive?

Damocles178 says:

It certainly looks quite nice. I actually prefer it's external styling to it's successor; the 208. I'm sure the 208 has better equipment though but I just like the general look of this.

Joseph Stewart says:

I disagree on your opinion about wobbly gear boxes, there far better than stiff ones. If your on the moterway and driving with a wobbly gear box atleast when your foot is on the clutch it'll slide into gear effortlessly

DJ Monsta says:

I have a 1.6i 16v 110bhp 3 door version of this car, absolutely love it. Rear seat space is not a problem as I can't remember the last time someone sat there and apart from problems associated with the high mileage (110k+, gearbox clutch and cambelt have all been replaced recently costing me lots) there have been no issues at all. Cost me £2500 4 years ago and still love it!

J o n a t h a n says:

terrible car i own one they got terrible electrics i've had 3 new fuse boxes in the past 3 years.
And when i broke down i was going at 70mph and car just cut out never buy a peugeot .

Jose says:

Am I the only one who thinks this car is ugly? like… really, really ugly?

Lord Trump says:

my first car

Keith Martin says:

Peugeot must have been cutting corners with the glove box for right hand drive version. Yet other manufacturers give you a big glove box.


1:52 Could it be that the glove box must has been resized due to the ride-hand traffic in the UK? The electronic installation seems to be still on the left-hand and I guess this is the reason for the tiny glove box. Actually, it's much bigger: The glove box in the facelift is even bigger.

irisprincessmey says:

I have a question how do I buy one and I'm in the United States?

miha ravnikar says:

ford ford ford, every review he fucking says ford……

Frank Doheny says:

my teacher used to own this super-mini, until she gave up on French cars.

TMOR says:

i hate this car :/

Levirries says:

I agree completely, but somehow Clarkson still managed to convince me into the Twingo lol

Wayne Leong says:

CLARKSON is the result of bbc attempt to make car shows more "entertaining" by doing stupid and somtimes unessary actions, and this results in his reviews being tainted by everything exept the "car review………..simply said he is a good entertainer not a good car reviewer. if you think other wise be my guest

Self Made says:

are you crazy !!

lgliam says:

I learned to drive in a 1.4 207 diesel, and I agree the gearbox is rubbery too, the engine is loud at anything over 60, it needed an extra gear. Also I disagree with the handing, it was fine at around a city, but at higher speeds it felt like the steering was connected with wallpaper paste, and the brakes are excessively sharp 🙁

j4k3shneg says:

Had a 1.4 16 valve 90bhp Sport one of these. Decent enough car but slow as hell mind and no feel for the handling and quite thirsty really =/ De pollution fault comes and goes but its a very 'does what it says on the tin' car and they do look nice

kosar mustafa says:

Im starting to love this car great rivew

GhibliFan1 says:

And I suppose you can tell me a make/model where every single unit off the production line is 100% perfect? I could equally point out that the famous Volkswagen reliability let my father down when he bought a brand new Passat and had a never ending list of things go wrong with it. Of course that wasn't a reflection on the brand or model, just luck. An independent analyst in 2010, researching several insurance companies found the Peugeot 207 to be THE most reliable car over the first 5 years!

Flappy Paddle says:

Its the first car ive ever owned thats got less than 30,000 miles on it hehe. Its blue! I love blue. Can wave goodbye to my poor little worn out 97 clio bless it =). It served me well but is costing more to keep on the road than its really worth.

MrThomas says:

on mine it's not soft touch material

NaoCompre PeugeotVernon says:


Wayne Leong says:

BETTER… better than clarkson

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