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In this video I’ll go for a test drive & completely review the NEW 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport! I’ll test out acceleration, braking, steering feel, cargo space, rear legroom, sound system, exhaust clip & much more!

Big thanks to Younger Mitsubishi in Hagerstown, MD for allowing me to check out the NEW 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport! For more information on their inventory please feel free to visit their website below.

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Here I present two toys one is Lamborghini and other is Farari and I inform you every details of toys

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This is the Honda Jazz! It’s an all-new model of Honda’s small hatchback, and it’s received upgrades across both the exterior and interior! Sure, the changes aren’t HUGE, but as with any small car when a new model is launched, you can probably guess where most of the changes will be made. However, there’s one change you may not have been expecting – the new Jazz is only available as a hybrid!

For us UK viewers, you’ll only have the one engine to choose from – a 1.5-litre petrol engine along with two electric motors, producing 109hp and a claimed economy of 61mpg! But with a rather large price of £19,000 for this rather small car, is the new Jazz the standout little legend of 2020? You’ll have to join Mat for his latest review and find out!

00:00 Intro
00:25 Price
01:22 Exterior Style
02:17 Engine
02:55 0-60mph
03:38 Interior Style
05:02 Back Seats
06:13 Boots
06:57 Practicality
09:12 Annoying Features
10:29 Good Features
11:28 Town Driving
13:18 Motorway Driving
13:49 Country Road Driving
14:38 Trims
16:14 Verdict


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The Alfa Romeo Giulia is a luxury sedan with Italian style and flair. Under the hood is a 2.0L turbocharged inline-4 producing 280 HP & mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. On the inside there is a very sporty interior and one of the best steering wheels in the industry. Is the 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia worth the price? Check out all the details as I take you around this Italian beauty!

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The Noble M12 GTO is my kinda car. Exposed roll cage wrapped in alcantra. Limited production. Cerebral steering and above all, HUGE mid range twin turbo punch. Should you buy one? That is the question. Watch this episode and decide for yourself. Please share, like and subscribe. Cheers !

Jonny puts a Mini through its paces…and then crashes it.

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The Flying Spur is a luxury saloon, and essentially a four-door version of the immensely popular Continental GT. Built to be driven or be driven in, the Flying Spur is packed with leather, wood, and acres of well-appointed space. Available at launch with just the W12 petrol engine, a V8 engine and hybrid version follow.

We tested the 6.0-liter W12 engine, which was the only choice at launch; customers wanting the smaller V8 or hybrid versions will have to wait nearly a year. Bentley’s legendary W12 engine remains one of the cleverest engines out there. It can run on six of its 12 cylinders when your right foot is not pressed firmly on the accelerator, saving fuel and emissions. It also has two turbos to smooth out the power and is now linked to a dual-clutch automatic transmission for seamlessly smooth shifts. The result is 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 207mph, which are extraordinary numbers for a car weighing over two tonnes.

Bentley is owned by Volkswagen Group, which also owns Porsche, Audi, and many other brands, but Bentley tends to collaborate with these two more performance-oriented marques. That means tried and tested parts and engineering trickery, including the 48v system working across the chassis to eliminate much body roll. It also means much of the switchgear and electronics inside, although bearing Bentley styling, are from other models across the range.

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தமிழ் கார் விமர்சனம்
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The time has finally come for Mat to review the all-new Porsche 911 Turbo S! Not only is it the most expensive 911 EVER, but Porsche also claims it’s the fastest – hitting 0-60mph in just 2.6 seconds! But can it actually hit that ridiculously quick time, and is it worth the ludicrous £156,000 starting price?! Stick with us as Mat puts this new Turbo S through its paces!

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The 2020 Kia Seltos, a Korean subcompact crossover in the Philippines with a sizeable 2.0-liter engine, an interesting transmission, and a few unintended pop culture references. Let’s go Behind the Wheel to review the the car.

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Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2014 | Daimler

This is the 2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV in Sport trim. It hits 60mph in about 6.1 seconds and costs $122,000 Canadian dollars as specced. Not cheap, but possibly the most advanced body on frame SUV you can buy from a dealership down the street. But does it offer the full six-figure experience? Watch to find out. Subscribe!

A huge thank you to Cars and Crosbie for sorting us out with the Escalade. Check out his channel here!



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The Seat Ibiza is now in its sixth generation. Its based on the VW Polo so it should be a well-sorted little car. Let’s take it for a drive and see what its like.

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Watch our 2021 Land Rover Defender in-depth review to find out how good this British 4×4 is both on and off road, if it’s really worthy of the hype – and why are there new engines already!?

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This is a review of the all new Dacia Sandero 2021. Interior, Exterior review.

A completely renewed 3rd generation of best-sellers: new design, new platform and new equipment.
A more assertive and contemporary design.
All the Dacia spirit with clever and original equipment.
An ECO-G engine for greater efficiency and reduced fuel consumption, as well as the latest petrol engines.
Now available in 2-pedals featuring latest Alliance CVT powertrain.

The new Dacia Sandero has switched to the CMF platform used by the latest Renault Clio, unlocking a great array of comfort and safety features. Take for example the electric power steering and the LED headlights, which increase the length of the beam by 37 percent and the width by 9 percent compared to the halogen headlights used by the previous-generation models. Additional relevant examples include the emergency brake assist, blind-spot warning, park assist (with front and rear sensors, rearview camera), and even hill start assist.

As far as the engines are concerned, many will be surprised to hear the turbodiesel engine has been removed from the lineup. By dropping the tried-and-tested 1.5-liter dCi unit, it means the new Dacia models will be exclusively available with three-cylinder engines. The entry-level one will be a naturally aspirated 1.0-liter with a mighty 65 horsepower and a five-speed manual, but only for the regular Sandero and Logan. The rugged Sandero Stepway won’t be sold with this basic powertrain.

Next up is a turbocharged 0.9-liter with 90 hp on tap and a choice between a six-speed manual or a continuously variable transmission. Then there’s a more powerful TCe with 100 hp and a six-speed manual transmission. Interestingly, the beefiest of the three is actually a bi-fuel engine as it can run on LPG.

The 50-liter liquid petroleum gas tank is located where you’d normally find the spare wheel, and corroborated with the 50-liter gasoline tank, a Sandero can travel for more than 1,300 kilometers (808 miles). The LPG version is also cleaner, averaging 11 percent less CO2 emissions than the equivalent TCe model.

Further cutting fuel consumption and emissions are the stop/start system for all three powertrains and the aforementioned CVT. The latter is an improvement over the old Easy R automated manual and brings smoother gear changes and better acceleration, according to Dacia.

The design alone is a dead giveaway the new Sandero and Logan are far more sophisticated than the aging models they’re replacing. It’s especially true once you virtually hop inside where the somewhat spartan look of the old cars has made way for a legitimately up to date cabin. The lower-spec cars get a remote multimedia system dubbed “Media Control” with removable smartphone support while the more expensive ones have a tablet-styled touchscreen measuring eight inches.

New 2020 Dacia Sandero
New Dacia Sandero 2020
New 2020 Renault Sandero
New Renault Sandero 2020
Noua Dacia Sandero 2021.
Dacia Sandero 2020
Dacia Sandero 2021
Dacia Sandero interior 2020
Dacia Sandero interior 2021
New Sandero
Noul Sandero

Renault Sandero 2020
Renault Sandero 2021
Renault Sandero interior 2020
Renault Sandero interior 2021

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Subaru Forester SUV 2014 review:
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It’s not the best looking 4×4 ever made, nor is it the most desirable, but the Subaru
Forester is certainly one of the most useful. Not only is it extremely adept off-road, but there’s also lots of space inside, so it’s supremely practical. The choice of engines is limited and the looks aren’t particularly attractive, but that shouldn’t matter if you just want a competent 4×4 with excellent reliability.

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Classic Review Mercedes-Benz W221 Review: The Best S-Class of Our Time –~–
Maserati… a very nice sounding name. This is a legendary Italian exotic luxury car manufacturer with milestone products. Does the Ghibli carry that Maserati legend? Unfortunately, the legend is no more. The Ghibli is Maserati’s attempt to make a social status symbol that would cost you $80,000, but it is not a car worthy of this price tag. Although the Maserati symbol shines brilliantly on the front grill, the Ghibli has many problems to be addressed: because It is a Maserati doesn’t mean it is good.

While I was editing this video, the unexpected happened and I lost all the test drive footage. I managed to recover only a few clips, and the video you are seeing now was unfortunately not the way it was meant to be. For my viewers, you have my sincere apologies.
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Today I drive and review a 2020 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye!

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This is one I have wanted to do for a long time – the mad and wild looking TVR Sagaris. However, underneath that lunatic exterior, and behind those crazy side exit exhausts is reportedly the best, most accessible and finest assembled car TVR ever made. Is it so?

#TVR #Sagaris

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