Old Top Gear Review and Roadtest – Jaguar XJ6 – XJ40 – 1986 – Daimler – BBC TV

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In this video the original Top Gear reviews the all new Jaguar XJ6 (XJ40). Introduced by William Woollard and driven by Chris Goffey. This little gem comes from the days when Top gear presenters wore a fine beard and beige slacks.


The Jaguar XJ (XJ40) is a luxury sedan manufactured by Jaguar Cars between 1986 and 1994. Officially unveiled on 8 October 1986 it was an all-new redesign of the XJ to replace the Series III, although the two model ranges were sold concurrently until the Series III was discontinued in 1992. The XJ40 used the Jaguar independent rear suspension arrangement, and featured a number of technological enhancements (such as electronic instrument cluster).

This film was transferred from Betamax.

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Alvaro Risso says:

This Jaguar and the BMW E32 7 series introduced that same year were way more advanced in electronics than the Mercedes W126 S class.

Lewis72 says:

That WAS cheap. My 1987 Granada Scorpio was £19200 when it was new !

Catlover101 says:

Oh my goodness, another gem! Of course 'Top Gear' used to be about cars and motoring, I'm sure many people have forgotten that! Do you by the way mean 1986, and not 1896? – it's a really advanced car for 1896. Thanks for posting!

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