Old Top Gear – 1997 Austin Maestro

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Top Gear looks at the ‘Ledbury Maestro’ and they give a small insight on why the Ledbury Maestro exists.


parp12345 says:

A steering wheel is a useful feature 1:59

Ciaran H DeeJay says:

She's so posh. Luv it x

video99.co.uk says:

R491RVJ Tax due: 26 March 2011. MOT Expired: 25 September 2010.

Skye says:

This clip is from 1999.

LuN4R_ L0rD-H6 says:

Im watching in the future MoM❤️🖤❤️

Anthony Scaife says:

I drove one for a while. Sound car, felt well made and with very smooth suspension.

Itschad1954 says:

The car is alright its just that big mouth (watch out, close your f***ing mouth there's a train coming) ugly no good bitch. If I was Adam & she was Eve, I'd be gay.

cmercer says:

you get a steering wheel? Thank god…

leecosworth says:

Sad how we lost our way, we made some beautiful vehicles in the past

David Jones says:

She looks like she needs a bath

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