Nissan Qashqai (Rogue Sport) 2018 SUV in-depth review – see what’s new!

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This is the Nissan Qashqai. The second generation model came out in 2013, but a 2017 update brought new styling, improved materials inside, more equipment and tweaks to the way it drives. Find out if it’s still one of the class leaders in my full, in-depth review.

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Amir Danesh says:

Jag köpte en Nissan QASHAQI 2018 svart färg från Hedin Bil i Göteborg för 265.000 Kr men efter fem månader upptäckte jag att hela bilen är polerad och har mjuka repor .De säger du hand tvättade bilen , och det är ditt fel.Lita inte på Nissan försäljare och kolla noga bilen innan hämta hem , annars du får mardröm hela tiden när du tittar på bilen.

emil popa says:

What is wrong with X trail? You nerver reviewed it!

ThirdEye says:

Do we really care about the dashboard ? All I care about is ride quality and comfort and performance !

digital mop says:

I heard is packed v6 juz like the r35

Slavko Mrakic says:

From inside looks like a VW

Piraba Kumar says:

I have this car in blade silver

Alex N says:

Prices in UK are high, one of these starts in the EU :)) around 17.000 euros with 1.500 discount from the government …

Pavlos Pavlou says:

So its a shit car

DarkTsiro says:

0:14 did you just fart ?

alex clough says:

still haven't updated that awful info system,, it looks crap

Hello Jolie2008 says:

I love that dog!! He is so cute…

A.J. says:

What's the dumbest car name in Europe? Qashqai has to be in the top 3.

euriel2010 says:

I went to Nissan dealership but they don't have the doggo

Antun Vidoš says:

Byutifel.Ay em dreiv auto.

MyNameIsRuin says:

OMG the dog was so cute!

Nayeem Rahman says:

Hi, im planning to buy it. But not sure if i should go for 1.2 ltr petrol or 1.6 ltr petrol.
Please advice 🙂

Darren Leach says:

I had one of these was the worst car if you can even call it that Ive ever had it rattled , broke down several times and was cheaply made and I’m talking about from new. Absolutely rubbish

phillip elliott says:

how come so many of the cars tested say buying a diesel is better than a petrol when diesel will be banned in some places in a few yrs time

drb1drb says:

Bought a new Quashqai lost the gear and the engine. Be aweare!

Tom Sanderson says:

I'm looking at buying a 2018 1.2 Tekna Xtronic Qashqai and I really like it. Shall I buy it over my current 2015 1.2 PureTech Active Peugeot 2008?

naru rocketsathvik says:

It is similar to captur

stingrayfred1 says:

Carwow is biase to every cars. Always mention not better than VW Golf. You shld go and work for VW

Daniel Osdinia says:

Qashqai has always been so fascinating to me but I have heard few times from the owners that the Qashqai engines are no good at all! Is it true?

Sanjay says:

These rear armrests that come in these cars are quite cheeky considering the price of these cars and that they are meant for convenience. Its quite evident that you will be forced to shrug your shoulders to put your elbow on them, especially if you are anywhere below 5'8 or so. This also reminds of the arm rests in the 2009 model toyota corolla which used to have one of the most practical arm rests of all times i would say, it was slightly lower set and really chunky which used to really feel like a proper arm rest. Hope the car companies reconsider this.

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