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This is the new Volkswagen Polo. Over the years the style and design of the VW Polo have evolved to give it a more ‘mature’ look, but are these updates only skin deep? Watch my latest in-depth review to find out!

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Amine Jnm says:

the best small car is the ibiza fr+ 2019 with digital Display not the polo

Stefan P. says:

@7:47… VW doesn't have a 1L 125hp engine. you probably meant to say 115hp.

Gabe Dellar says:

Prefer how my 9n3 looks

Jafer Japu says:

my dream car polo

At says:

I have one and i tell you… it’s the best small car I ever drove. Many people thinks it’s a Golf. Mine includes Brake assist, ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL and climate control!

rizzle razzleuno says:

Your reviews are so comfy and folksy….I think you should ask me round for a nice cuppa after our little drive. The Polo is cute, never gonna get them in North America. Jolly good fun.

Abhishek Pawar says:

Polo mk5 is the best Polo because it's actually compact

G. García says:

Functional ad simple, love it

John Dapper says:

The car is a lot bigger on the exterior now so he’s wrong!

Giles Robertson says:

Hard plastics expected at this price point? 19.5 bloody grand? I don't think so, sunshine.

Jay L1471 says:

It's looking more like a golf, for some reason I prefer the previous model.

Luke says:

Would you recommend for 17 year old first time?

Nazren Idris says:

Damn annoying review

3mariusx says:

It’s sooo expensive! With the 65 horse power variant it costs like the hyundai i30 in my country. It simply doesnt worth a penny! It doesnt even have an audio sistem on it! Such a schame vw! A have a polo from 2008 and after 8 years it started to rust a lot so dont get fooled by 12 year waranty on steel at polo they use very shit steel on polo. The good steel is at the golf and up. Another than that a reliable car and low cost at parts but the car is soo expensive. Buy an i30 you will be better!

Donal Donnelly says:

Went to car wow website could not find the deals this video presenter was talking about. Found a better a deal at jct600 in Bradford.

quandi chen says:

how much is it

Alfred Li says:

3:00 It has a DSG…

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