New Suzuki Swift Sport 2019 review – see why it’s the most fun you can have on a budget

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This is the all-new Suzuki Swift Sport. This mini hot hatch may have lost some weight and gained a turbocharger since our last visit, but with a price hike thrown in is it still worth considering? Take a look at my latest review to find out.

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Programster says:

2:24 – If this car has only 4 more hp but 40% more torque, that suggests to me that all the power is low down in the rev range which dies off at higher RPM. Thus there is little point driving this car like a little racer at high revs. This ties in well with the statement at 2:44 that peak torque comes in at 2.5k RPM (my crappy polo 9N is at 3.5k). This is better at fuel economy (as stated in video), and good for day-to-day driving, but I wouldn't have thought that was the target market for a "hot hatch".
I would love to see a dyno graph for the engine(s). I wish all reviews showed it for a brief second somewhere.

ilyn Payne says:

18000££isn't cheap for me I'd rather buy a used one

Kathy12Ray says:

The horn…😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

WhiteStone Game says:

I thought I was watching Top Gear..

Po 66 says:

18k for a suzuki, bit mad really, who would buy a suzuki car? not many, I would think it has the quality of fridge. Swifts are tinny cheapo throwaway commuters, not 18k cars

anshul ahuja says:

Swift in india starts from 5000 pounds😂😂and the top model is 8000 pounds

ranveer valmiki says:

When its come in india

macaron3141592653 says:

an Australian mag got it to 60 in 7.0 seconds

Jeff Welbes says:

I still have my 93 SWIFT GT. Still runs great! I would love this new version. But unfortunately for me,Suzuki no longer sells cars in the USA. And it's becoming very difficult to even get parts for the 93!

Aditya Vikram Singh says:

Bakwas car hai ek dum

Attila Khan says:

nice car indeed

Nikos_GR_04 says:

Suzuki Swift Sport 2007
I Thing is better

Taoma H says:

Why should I want this instead of the Vitara?

Ashik Noushad says:

May it will launch in india?

Jawad Ahmed says:

I can hear Note 9 ads is it weird?

Ravi Kumar Balaga says:

Is this color available in India

Legend of COC says:

Plzz..describe MG HS¥

Vitor Labord says:

It's very good the price is very high

Rahul Chowdhury says:

suzuki tin can

C Joe says:

Where I come from, this costs 50,000 pounds. Don't complain. 18000 pounds is change.

Ultimate says:

In India this us top end car

colorless says:

I love my old 90hp swift DX. So this isnt baf.

Farzad Nowruzkhani says:

The best small car, means "Kleinwagen" in German! Less engine vibrations with these four cylinder mashine of Suzuki..! Bravo Suzi!

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