New Suzuki Jimny SUV 2019 – see why I love it… but you might not!

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This is the all-new Suzuki Jimny. When it comes to design, it’s hard to find a better-looking small 4×4 than the Jimny, and the latest edition is doing as much as possible to stay true to the original, unique design. But in 2018, with the small SUV market so saturated, does the Jimny have what it takes to seriously compete with the competition? Join Mat and see for yourself as he puts this new Suzuki SUV through its paces!

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David says:

Literally decide to watch this review after seeing it today, I guess this car really is as good as it looks.. no frills 4×4

CALVIN says:

Really wish these were in America 😫

めてらす/MeTeRqS says:


Allan Heaver says:

Why all the sad attempt at being funny get on with it

Sankha C says:

Same guy who chased seals in Namibia with LC 🙂

Justin Dagosto says:

Can you get this in Canada?

Wayessa Gutu says:

Now that is a dream car! 🤘🏾

MacTechG4 says:

Let me just say this one more time…

Suzuki, PLEASE bring this to your USA Motorcycle dealerships, you already have a n existing sales channel you can use, you don't need to bring any other cars/trucks over, just the Jimny, you will not be able to keep them in stock at the dealers, plus it'll drive more of your motorcycle sales…

here's an idea, you could set up a package deal of the Jimny, a small motorcycle trailer and one or two of your motorcycles/dirt bikes/quads, and have it all financed under ONE finance plan, one vehicle payment that covers the Jimny, bike(s) and trailer, a one stop adventure stop!

Please, Suzuki, make this a reality!

MacTechG4 says:


how many internal organs and how much of my blood would I have to sell to get one of these brilliant lil' buggers exported to 'Murica?, this is the perfect little utility vehicle!

the Wrangler has lost it's way and it's soul, it's a Fashion Poseur Vehicle (FPV), the G-Wagen is too bloody expensive and caters to rich idiots looking to impress other rich idiots, and the Hummer , when it was alive, was nothing more than GM's G-Wagen, the H2 and H3, the H1 diesel Military model excluded…

The Jimny is laser-focused at being just a good little off roader, and clearly has a Soul/Tao/Zen/Essence, it's a pure, unadulterated solid little vehicle that knows what it is, and respects it's heritage

Suzuki, please bring back the Jimny, heck, use your motorcycle dealership network if you have to, bring them to the US and I guarantee you won't be able to keep them in stock….

….as long as they remain true and pure to their purpose, DO NOT "Americanize" them, make them bigger, bloated and "more luxurious" , to cater to the Rich Idiot market, keep them what they are, a Pure little off roader with soul!

Ice Cube says:

This is a proper car review. Thumbs up

marquisjohn88 says:

I would totally buy this if they import them to USA

Jack Krieger says:

It looks like a nice car to have. Especially in Australia. This is like a proper car to drive alongside the beach but at the same time can replace the family sedan.

Τηλε Κονκον says:

I wish I could close my eyes finish the university and buy this car .. I love it

Noor Murrar says:

He is just like a little kid with a new toy, we all are.

Matt McGhee says:

Wish sold this in US

Mario Kart says:

$17000 for a manual, 4 wheel drive, 2 door SUV? Why aren't they selling this in the US?! I love it and I would buy one new tomorrow

Paul Jay says:

Good seeing a 4×4 used for what its meant for. Instead of the school run or looking fashionable.

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