NEW Porsche 911 Carrera (992) First Drive Review!

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Here’s The first drive review of the all NEW 2020 Porsche Carrera (992) 91. Porsche have fitted the new 911 Carrera 4S with a 444bhp turbo charged engine, it is also the first non-GT Porsche 911 to be fitted with larger rear wheels vs the front wheels – 20″ fronts, 21″ rears. The new Porsche 911 also features heavily revised interior and exterior styling with new infotainment screens on t he inside and a large sweeping LED lighter at the rear of the car.

As one of the most iconic sports cars in the world, the launch of a new 911 is a big day! Here is the first look at the new Porsche 992 911 Carrera 4S…






DJ Quads – The Improv


Paul Albrighton says:

Does it sound any different or louder than a 991.2?

Derek Flinders says:

They haven't quite thought it through? What's next another 993 anyone? Boop!

WanaB Golfer says:

is the cup holder still in the dash?

Church of Porsche says:

I didn’t hear any overun in the exhaust. Where you able to get pops out of it?

sunnyboy8644 says:

Porsche please stop making the new 911 wider………..

ling gao says:

I love ur sunglasses

Tim McKenzie-McHarg says:

This Adam Levine bloke is a good reviewer.

Marco Maspero says:

are you filming with a toaster?

Ian Lee says:

love your channel ! keep it up 🙂

Ponyo3816 says:

This is hilarious. It's a car review and all I get is a video of you. Dude, uh. Maybe rethink this.

george jefferson says:

sounds gt3ish

ashman0071 says:

eh Nope – I don't think so but I could be wrong – Porsche moved some of the engine mounts 20cm forward – Not the whole engine forward – big mistake there bud…..and I think it's more like 17cm but who's counting………'s the wider front track that you're probably appreciating as ' more of a mid engined ' car……and tyre technology keeps getting better too…….

Christopher Scott says:

Learned nothing about the actual car. Just a pointless ramble.

Otis Cat says:

Great video! It's a beautiful new generation of 911, but they're also seemingly getting larger. But a great looking and extremely capable car nonetheless. And I think this Guards Red might have more red in it than earlier (pre 991) series 911's, which is nice. Or maybe not and its just my perception. It looked very red in the video compared to my old Guards Red turbo. Thanks for sharing this. Well done!

Basih says:

I'm not sure about the rear… the lower half looks really weird being a "S" model but without quad exhaust. Also not stocked on it being integrated into the bumper.

Collin Yancey says:

ya you good

아이시핫 says:

i cant understand what he said, but he looks like Freddie Mercury

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