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Introducing the all-new Porsche 911! Rolling in with a six-cylinder, twin-turbo 3.0-litre that can hit 450hp, this new 911 992 is set to be THE sports car to beat in 2019! The question is, does the new 911 maintain the heritage and reputation built by its predecessors? Stick with Mat to see what you think, and then let us know in the comments below!

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Alofzico says:

This is the thing about Porsche. They're simply not creative in their styling. All their cars looks the same over the generations. I'm already sick of the design 20 years ago. The redeeming point in this car is the center big screen. I like how they drive though.

Bogdan Gruia says:

Nitpicking much Matt?

P 9149 says:

Can u add a wing to this car

david galstyan says:

ma homie matt is low key jacked lol

goyangi says:

German IT industry is terrible… terrible UI/UX

John Elkhoury says:


Erica Busuttil says:

this is lovely


Just ordered 🙂

Raef Cag says:

There's a sudden, huge change in car design every few years, for any and every manufacturer. . The jump from the old to the new A-class, or '13 to' 14 Range Rover Sport) and I feel one of those coming for the 911.

Yes, there have been changes over the years, but it feels like every second review (don't know about this one, I'm writing this before watching) claims either that "the design is getting old", or "it looks like <slightly earlier 911>.

I honestly only started watching after finishing the comment and the very first bit is a jab at the whole "all Porsches look the same" cliché.

OnPointFirearms says:

FWD: front wheel drive.

nathan basiuwa says:

Inside it looks like a panamera

Pedro Santos says:

Absolutely PERFECTION!
My dream car!! #porsche

russi4n4life says:

What’s the doug score?

invaderzim7890 says:

I'll watch like 10 carwow videos over 1 Doug video!

CPY-ed says:

Oh, 911 it's the best.

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