New Porsche 911 2019 review – could this be the greatest sports car ever?

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Porsche 911 full review:

The code number may have changed by just one digit, from 991 to 992, but make no mistake: the eighth-generation Porsche 911 you see here is an almost completely new car.

It has an all-new, aluminium-intensive body, a new interior and a new, eight-speed PDK automatic gearbox. And while the twin-turbo flat-six shares its basic dimensions with the unit found in the outgoing 991, it has been thoroughly overhauled, resulting in power jumping 30bhp to 444bhp.

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Zxdash says:

more video on car and less on the ugly face please

Eithel Rotschild says:

992 Carrera vs 997/991 Carrera on rally race = 992 will lose a rally race. If the 992 GT3 will have the same 992 Carrera RETRO handicapped design dashboard people are gonna refuse to pay $160,000++ just for the design of that out of date dash. Time will come, sale results will show and you'll see, don't argue with me yet. P.S. 992 Carrera is not BETTER to handle, 992 Carrera is EASIER to handle, not better to handle. They made it EASIER to handle so the average person with $$ will be able to drive in order to buy.

Northern Lights says:

Porsche = Porscher. That is the correct pronunciation in English. Why don't you know this? Surely you have been around cars long enough to know this as simple fact. Disappointed.

Jerik Apuli says:

I want it in black and manual transmission

sulthan Fareed says:

This car is very nice.

ZeroCool says:

Porsche there is no substitute!

Amge55v8 says:

No problem with the presenter. Just need to pronounce Porsche properly. Please.

Ronald Stonecipher says:

As a 911 fan I hope this trend of getting bigger and heavier every generation stops somewhere……….in 30 years it will be the size of an s class Mercedes at this rate.

Jan Bloem says:

Those long nails.. when are you painting them mate

Pedro says:


APOLLO says:

Good review, thank you!

Frank Ly says:

Good review. Thanks and keep the beard as you like it:)

Dan Bailey says:

The reviewer is a great solution for anyone suffering from insomnia. Steve should have done this.


ehm…Dear Mr Autoexpress. What you hear in the car is not what is really happening. It is augmented…

Willem Bezuidenhout says:

OK- This is a new presenter. But every word he said, made sense. I found it a very intelligent review. And all you guys can do, is moan about his appearance? Does that count in an honest review?

pollumG says:

Why all the hate towards to presenter? He's developing.
Forget bout these weiners, they're salty that they're at home with their left hand in their pants and you are driving the new 911..

NobbyScott says:

cut your nails mate

Gentleman Gamer says:

I don't like this car

I am disappointed it's not a hybrid or full electric car

Paulo Nascimento says:

Painful watch

Daniel Ohio says:

This reviewer just isn't very engaging to me

Sherab Namdhak says:

Personally I think that this review should be pulled and totally re done. The footage is crap and the only thing that is worse is the presenter, requires more off the job training. What an embarrassment to the journalistic field. Now as for personal grooming yep I have to agree you either have a beard or not. Neck hair is just not a fashion statement it’s a serious grooming error. Please correct it as you look like a monster from a carry on movie. Just an observation.

Leo de la muerte says:

He is just a fan boy

Sandouras says:

Is this guy a member of the Peaky FOOKIN Blindahs?

Marc Laren says:


ravenstylea2 says:

How about a track review?

tracer073 says:

they need to do a clean sheet design rather than an evolution because this insect design is boring

Ukrainianification says:

Best commercial I ever saw

VyperVPN says:

This beard totally beats Keanu Reeves for having the ugliest beard in history. Congrats!

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