New Morgan Plus Six: Packing BMW Z4/Supra Power | Carfection 4K

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Henry Catchpole visits the Morgan factory to take an up-close look at Morgan’s new BMW powered car.
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Michael Taylor says:

very nice video. Thank you!

John K Lindgren says:

Hi Henry, Did you Catch the Pole yet? I bet you DID, with those sideburns!

John K Lindgren says:

2:01 "Bonded aluminum chassis" Bonded? James BOND? Or does it mean it's glued? Just wondering. Bangkok–Johnnie

José Melo says:

Simplesmente maravilhoso.

El Sibarita Del Castillo says:

Un auto diferente


Electrify the luxury vintage cars to superpower high speed stratus

Gary Pecoraro says:

Oh! Yeah baby, I'd love one?

steve tabley says:

At last a car for millennial wankers !

key oh says:


Stephen Morgan says:

I wish. Although I agree, shifter is a disappointment.

focus2016 says:

A true sports car much cooler than a Porche

Keith Moser says:

Learned Morgan sold the company. Hoping this is not true as the car will never be the same. As for the employees well we allwise get the dirty end of the stick.

steve vermillion says:

In my youthful years, the early 70's, I bought a Morgan +4 in British Racing green. I was in love with the styling, the leather belts over the hood, the tires (Dunlap 'Doggie Bones they were called), the spoke wheels…all of it. It came with an Austen-Healey engine. At the time it cost $2,000 which was expensive back then, but not exorbitant. In any case, I also loved the quirkiness of it. The fact that although it had an electric starter motor, the car could be started with a hand crank which was just under the hood. I also loved that in the owner's manual said, "Periodically check and tighten all bolts." Given that the chassis was made of wood, that seemed to make sense. 🙂 Sadly, mechanically, it was one issue after the other. I had to order a new tonneau cover from the factory in Malvern-Links, in England while I lived in California.

The major problem though was over heating. I took it to several mechanics and none could find the problem, despite me buying a new radiator and most every other cooling part.

In the end, after a couple of years, I gave up and sold it to a Morgan dealer in San Francisco, (even though it was no longer running), for $1,600, which at the time, I considered a great deal. Of course now I wish I'd hung on to it as I sill love the styling, not to mention it's vast increase in value. 🙂

Ben Sutherland says:

what the fuck is that steering wheel

theklrdude oo says:

they are better wood workers than welders .

Tjohsoei Tan says:

Very cramps no foot room, doors not fitted properly scratches at the edge, all plastic fibre glass, that's what I have seen at two brand new unregistered cars, I prefer the older metal version, the only set back is the heavy steering, and no luggage compartment.

G Howard says:

Interesting to look at but the way it drives is what Morgan’s are all about! OK, the gear shifter belongs in a BMW ! GlennFHoward

Johny Watkins says:

Do they offer these with no motor or trans? Really want to see one of these with an aluminum small block v8 and 5speed manual trans.

fx kraft says:

When will Morgan's new owners be shifting manufacturing to China?

The OctoGirth says:

Morgan is now owned by a Italian venture cap firm now. quite sad realy no longer family owned.

Anonymous says:

I see you kept completely away from that ugly back in on them

kevin arissbarker says:

Still a bloody kit car

Ashton S. says:

People need to stop producing 8-speed automatics!

Christian Smalley says:


Péter Bonnez says:

I like that.

Gerard Montgomery says:

Still gorgeous, hopefully it sounds right. I mean there's no shortage of classic British sports cars with straight 6's but none of them had modern emission standards to contend with. Still just over a tonne, wood is natures carbon fibre.

seasoakedperversion says:

this car makes me quite flaccid.

Harwin Hadiatmadja says:

Classic car with yokohama advan tires ?

MLP-Hot-Rod says:

The Germans make the efficient one, the Japanese have the sporty one and we Brits have the stylish one.

Just a pity it's not a V8 anymore. A modernised 5.0 Rover V8 would've been quite alright for me.

trident3b says:

hmm, ZF … Germany. BMW, no brainer, Germany. Let's see what happens soon.

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