New Mercedes A-Class 2019 REVIEW – see why it’s a game changer

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This is the all-new Mercedes A-Class. Not only does this car take a whole load of kit from the S-Class, but the infotainment is one of the best I’ve ever seen! So is this the hatch to beat in 2018? Find out in my latest review.

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carwow says:

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NordenTV says:

What happened to small and sleek Japanese cars?

soundseeker63 says:

Might just be me but I think it looks a bit like an old Toyota Corolla from the sides.
But hey it has a German badge and lots of bling inside so no doubt they will sell like hot cakes and be everywhere soon. Be interested to see another review of a non AMG spec version without all the kit and with the cheaper rear suspension, as thats the model most people will get, not this top spec model.

Hello There says:

1.5 TDI 😡

Hello There says:

Best car for teenagers

Luck_Destiny Clips says:

It cant just be me that thinks these new body shapes look really bad?

zacatetas says:

the same system thats gonna get hacked and drive you into a wall…..if you need such systems you shouldnt be driving

PENPIX says:

back looks exactly like hyundai i20 . Mercedes , u toooooooooo????????

Daddy is here! says:

Do a BMW 330e

Fletcher Khoo says:

Did they just gotten an Audi designer? Sharp headlight and sleek tail lights…

Paddy Mc says:

Great he shows us the 'AMG Line' version, that's useful, that's a good representation of the one most people are likely to buy and thus see on the road.

Play Masterz says:

I don't like headlights

MusicLandetSounds says:

those front lights really weird

Ash Ram says:

yeah ,, and its 100k ,, a seat leon cupra would do much fine

Alex Seddon says:

theyve made it uglier, looks like a vauxhall from the back

sunny steven says:

Tail lights look like they went to Kia Cerato for design inspiration

FS E says:

Just because you dont like the car dont dislike the video

fireoil says:

man you are aging like fine wine, really cool and informative to see your video, love the fake exhaust check up !

Auto Start Test says:
Mercedes E class Acceleration

FiryMY says:

It's like they've completely went away from having the iconic Mercedes look. They could've just rebadged it with a hyundai and no one would know any better. smh :/

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