New Land Rover Defender 2020 in-depth walk round – EVERYTHING you need to know.

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We’ve had our hands on the new Land Rover Defender! It’s one of the most recognisable off-roaders in history, but does the all-new Defender have what it takes to maintain its famous reputation? Join Mat for his first in-depth walk-round of this SUV legend and find out everything you need to know!

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Zafri Zulfi says:

What the hell. Looks like a surface laptop. No way. Like a TOY CAR.

BINAYE K says:

This is not LAND ROVER DEFENDER this is just land rover defeated

Alp Öztemiz says:

İn the thumbail, i thought it was a joke. Im watching the video now, it looks even worse, oh fuck..

Marlon Esguerra says:

I think you are over acting nowadays Man

Maticalise Music Master says:

Land Rover should have done what Mercedes did with the G Wagen

Puppadoo Productions says:

Great Video! Could you do the new Audi Avant?

Juiced Up Gaming says:

Cars predicted this years ago, smh

Power Drift6 says:

Is it still the bone shaking thing it was

David Fairbairn says:

I liked it at first then went right off it immediately.

Hanxu Liu says:

Land Cruiser: Sorry mate see ya later

Blue Lightning says:

I remember Land Rover is one of the most unreliable brands. So I’ll take the Suzuki.

Fire and Brimstone says:

Toyota off road Land rover in garage

Hashim Hammad says:

Calling that thing ugly is the biggest under statement of all of HISTORY. smh

Muhamed Karadane says:

Its more aerodinamic..

David Uwem says:

That Lion/safari part scared me shhhtless 🤣🤣🤣

LizeFX says:

It looks disgusting

DillMill says:

It looks like a Kia Soul

FlyingBread123 says:

It looks like a box

Ian Betts says:

Car looks good but the presenters a bit of a pratt

Jenny Reddaway says:

Why did they have to turn the Defender into another swanky upmarket farce? Put in the modern good safety bits; make the emissions a bit more friendly and a little bit of comfort but the car should be a workhorse as it always used to be.

Tony brown says:

I think it looks alright, but the price isnt.

Yaqub says:

Is this a joke? Seriously?

Tonity Seidel says:

I don't really like this car I prever the old deffender

Little Reuby says:

Lol, lions can easily jump on top of that car.. If they are hungry enough.. I like the old one, but you got to reinvent to keep tgings fresh, just glad it's not electric

xy y says:

can I just say the jeep Cherokee ad can F off its so annoying

Black n Tan says:

Awful. Disgusting. Embarrassing. Shite!

gugunanak134 says:

Review it alongside g wagon

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