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The latest Jaguar XF may not look too different from the old model (or the smaller Jaguar XE), but dig beneath the sleek looks and you’ll find a much-improved executive saloon. The XF is aiming to steal sales from the likes of the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E Class and Audi A6, and this model is better than ever with a range of powerful and efficient diesel engines, a great drive and stylish interior.

Jaguar XF review:

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malicalik 13 says:

General tip: if you're gonna watch a review of a British car don't watch it from a British presenter, especially from mat


I appove

Sumeet Gunjal says:

awsm car

Deez Ballz says:

woah 420 comments

loo lolo says:

I saw it and i m very disappointed. The car is superb but inside.. god.. so much cheap parts and many things not well adjusted. I think the navi is still ugly. It is an atteactive car but the Indian TATA group should be carefull more.. This is very expensive and for this price we should have a car with better build and materials.

Movie Mix says:

yes it is a tiger….

MrFyce says:

Anyone knows a sedan which can seat 4 people in the 2nd row? Can this jaguar seat?

Darius Carter says:


akxMad says:

I love you baby

neel deshmukh says:

jaguar is now Indian! wake up

Keith Newton says:

Oh Jaguar what are you doing you make a lovely car it handles well and then you gona put some cheap and nasty materials in your cabin and I am not taking lover down they are every where, who is in charge of your interior quality I suggest you go and buy some Mercedes and compare your interior quality to there
the Vauxhall insignia has better sound door trim, the XF sound lije cheap hollow cardboard and have you forgotten about padding and soft touch and leather shocking the interior Tata India maybe the are using recycled of tip tea bag boxs because the quality feel touch sound is just not there.
you said you have made improvements well you should have left the old interior in place it was a better quality.

nakul singh says:

interior is just average

Simon Guyader says:

Very good automotive journalist I have to say!!

My name is Jack says:

Could anyone tell me how to use the ambiebt lighting in this car

Firemarioflower says:

Why those strechted Audi-rear lihgts?? Can't Jaguar be more original??? And those same headlamps appear on the XE and XJ and now that ghastly F-pace. What a dog turd, this car. NOthing British about it. Wannabe premium.

hoffwell says:

What's with all the benchmarking against the Germans? Want German, buy German.

Aamir Afzal says:

Jaguar is only and will remain a British pride but can never outgun the german rivals BMW and Mercedes who lay the standards of a modern car.

Tech with Sid says:

Still confused , Audi A6 matrix or this Jaguar XF?

jack Stansfield says:

I have owned a 2013 2.2D XF Sportbrake for a couple of months now. 3 issues with it. The windscreen angle shows horrible reflections of the dashboard. The control for setting the cruise control is terrible – difficult to engage CC – refer to BMW for how to do it right. Fuel consumption – no way will you get anywhere near the quoted figures. I am averaging 33 mpg. Plus point – the looks – gorgeous and a lot sexier than the saloon.

Colin Easton says:

are they paid to slag off every car that's not a BMW???

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