New Ford GT review – attacking the Arctic Circle Raceway in Ford’s Supercar | evo REVIEW

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It would be all-too easy to introduce Ford’s new £450,000 supercar with endless references to yesteryear – because we all know where the story for the Ford GT began. Henry Ford tries to buy Ferrari to win at Le Mans in the 1960s, Enzo says get stuffed, Henry builds his own version of a Ferrari to do the job instead – called the GT40 – and puts one right up Enzo, the end.

Or, in fact, just the very beginning for the Ford GT as things would turn out.

Except there’s an intriguing new story doing the rounds about the birth of the latest Ford GT, and it only came to light at the car’s launch recently in the US. Because initially Ford wasn’t going to build a new GT at all, it seems. Instead it wanted to return to Le Mans with a Mustang, and to then create a road car on the back of the racing project to market the Mustang globally.

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