New Bentley Continental GT W12 car review with Tiff Needell

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Is the new Bentley Continental GT W12 the best Grand Tourer?

Since its launch a little over 15 years ago, the Continental GT has always been a leading contender for being the best Grand Tourer – with a big W12 engine in the front, luxurious cabin in the middle and plenty of luggage space in the rear.

This new Model arrived last year and builds on the original car’s reputation for combining elegance and luxury, with impressive performance. The Continental’s W12 engine and all wheel drive system take the car from 0-62 mph in just 3.6 seconds.

The car featured on this YouTube video included options such as the Mulliner Pack, Premium Audio System, Bentley Rotating Display, LED display lights and was Windsor Blue with Saddle leather.

Does the all-new car deliver? Have Bentley managed to tread a nice line between being traditional to its heritage, whilst also keeping the design modern?

Paul Woodman and Tiff Needell find out!

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Lovecars says:

Best Grand Tourer in class?

Andy says:

Nice German car.

Peter Freeman says:

So Tiff got in to to say the leather smells great and that all the extras were expensive and unnecessary? It’s a Bentley, OF COURSE you want the extras, that’s what’s the POINT of buying an overly extravagant and expensive car, it’s what makes it SPECIAL! Sorry Tiff? I like you and I wish you had rather said something meaningful here, but as it stands your name was added as click bait and your input was meaninglessness.

Egonu says:

Dream car 🤩🤩🤩

Robert Brynat says:

The car is orgasmic

jamiecivic says:

You 2 have to be Best youtube duo.

jamiecivic says:

Great video gret review 👍
its a shame all thes new generation turbo cars sound so similar though

Blake Swan says:

Tiff and Paul together are my favorite duo. Love the banter and humor. While I would love just to hve a $209k house let alone a car, the review was enjoyable

tacfoley says:

£48K extras………………..riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Not even got a panoramic glass roof. Both MY cars have one. Each.

rajralban says:

Tiff is a fabulous presenter. Absolutely love seeing and hearing his reviews.

Saint Etienne says:

My car of choice but – that front grill is plastic and the thingy that hands you the seatbelt – it's housing is also plastic!! On a £200,000 car? Terrible

wholeNwon says:

Doesn't look like a comfortable ride: lots of being shaken about. Perhaps the Phaeton would be a better choice since it should ride more smoothly and people are less likely to point, stare and wonder which football team you play for. They should be equally "reliable" (ROFLOL).

Sour Pickle says:

It sooo beautiful omgg

Cyril Matthew says:

Guys a doubt .. whats the adv of a W12 over a V12 it just the compactness?

PRIS says:

2:12 Heeeeeeeeere's Tiff 😎👍

Open Ranks says:

Anything bigger than a V8 is just fucking stupid🙄😒

Kellington Link says:

What a lovely motorcar. Thanks for the video.

oneviwatara says:

Sound like my vaccum cleaner. Lol.

Playonmob says:

the back headlights are horrible

Akash Biswas says:

I always dream, once I have one

fettlemaster says:

Don't understand your take on the options. Would categorically not have one without the Mulliner pack or the rotating display. I think you'd have a hard time selling on second hand without. Especially the display is one of the car's signature features.

Aby Mathew says:

Best interior of the decade…

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