New 2018 Skoda Octavia review – Carbuyer – James Batchelor

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Skoda Octavia review:

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James Batchelor casts an eye over the most recently updated version of the the well liked Skoda Octavia. It’s not a car to set your heart racing, but does a very good job in a great many areas.

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Jure Macola says:

Name of the song that starts on 2:00 -> ?

Tarus says:

I wonder if anyone knows the secret way to store away boot parcel shelf in these skodas, I see that Octavia's and Superb's reviews do not mention it.
Well anyways, if anyone ever wants to hide the parcel shelf in their skoda for the use of the cavernous boot space, then upon removing it, look behind the rear seats, the shelf basically slides vertically behind the rear seats and the boot trim.

Skydom4ever says:

Awesome car. One of the best value for money. Two aesthetic observations though: 1. The headlights are better looking in one piece and not splitted. 2. Skoda, at last please make the digits on the speedometer and tachometer straight. It always feel like there are not in the right position.

nowtleft2 says:

Ford Focus review..only mention of electric was the front seats! Why publish these crap biased reviews? If Ford refuse to embrace the future I advise you to disassociate your company from them.

Dan says:

been cruising around in one of these for two weeks, no complaints, 1.5TSI 52MPG motorway, 40MPG in London, comfy, quiet, smooth.


Who is worried that carbuyer hasn’t uploaded in a while

Russ Cattell says:

Actually 70 mpg is pure fantasy. Our Fabia Combi with the same 1.6 tdi uses at best 48 mpg in town & 52 or slighty better out in the country.

DaedalusLV says:

How about driving it up a hill with 4 passangers? Total fail for a 1.0 …

tsscorp says:

Very nice review from mr. James Batchelor.

Your reviews are getting better and better. Keep up the good job.

Greetings from Greece.

Gabex Videos says:

What is the difference between 1.4 and 1.5 engine?

Azad B&W says:

I want to know to the price, please!

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