New 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross in-depth review – Carbuyer – Ginny Buckley

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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross review:
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The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is a mid-sized SUV that competes with the Nissan Qashqai and the Mazda CX-5. It’s a striking car to look at, and a comfortable one, too – although adults in the rear seats will pay the price for that cool-looking rear end. The Eclipse Cross doesn’t have the interior flair of the Peugeot 3008, nor can it match the SEAT Ateca’s involving driving experience – but the Mitsubishi is a distinctive and safe SUV and its 1.5-litre petrol engine is smooth in general use. Avoid the unpleasant CVT automatic gearbox, though.

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Megi Kari Sirap Limau says:

The old one is better than this

Keith Isaacs says:

I think Ginnys being polite when she says worthy of consideration it's a bag of nails i would rather have a dacia duster the Mitsubishis probably the worst suv on the road good job they don't make lager.

Top Tube says:

Paul Walker just turned in his grave.

ROHIT MASS 14 says:

Rear design is weird

Nikhil Krishnan says:

Please Introduce this car in India ASAP… I'm sure it will be a success

markmd9 says:

If this car is placed between asx and outlander I expected the price to be between asx and outlander 🙂

Errol Hanson says:

I test drove the 2018 Eclipse Cross and thats all it took. I drove it home for good, I love it !!

Grant Muir says:

Why do car manufacturers continue using CVT gearboxes? They are all terrible!

madjid02 says:

i like this car

solardanilew says:

Diesel technology will be banned very soon, stop promoting it, it's almost dead

JOSE says:

Love the looks. When will you do a road test of the new Shogun Sport?

I man says:

How much do these cost to service in the UK?

Richard Tuson says:

Isn't diesel on its way out?

PJ and the Craxfords says:

I'm still annoyed they called it an eclipse. It's the car equivalent of the ghostbusters remake.

Barry Thomson says:

thought there was a recline in rear seats

TekneeQ Sub4Sub says:

The front looks like the new Toyota Highlander and the body looks like a Honda CR-V…. come on Mitsubishi

Ivan Doe says:

there's only one mitsubishi eclipse. this is a joke…

warcrab cyber says:

The 1.5 turbo engine is adequate for a crossover. Why would you need more power? Also this is one of the best cvt transmissions to date.
The CR-V is much bigger and also has a 1.5 turbo engine. It delivers more power but the CR-V is also heavier.

The Peugeot 3008 looks great. but how will it's reliability fair compared to Mitsubishi that is known for reliability.

The interior of the eclipse cross is the best Mitsubishi has done in years. It's unlikely you will be touching your dashboard often so why complain about the hard plastic that will likely age better than the other materials?.

Reg McCormack says:

Woman and Cars, especially reviewers, just seems like they should stick to housewares and makeup oh and imported body bits as they have absolutely no idea of mechanics and such.

abinim007 says:

Why is Mat Watson not reviewing cars anymore??

Covert Person says:

back is ugly

JDM Guy says:

Saw one of these on the road and I have to say the styling is very smart in the flesh. The front end looks fantastic. Very sharp and modern. It nicely avoids the generic looks that most of its rivals are lumbered with.

jas zg says:

Japanese mostly put hard plastic interior and I don't see problem in that.Mitsubishi make quality cars.I don't see why this woman complaining about.And comparing with peugeot?? Everywhone who owned a japanese car know japanese cars are more reliable. That is the problem this days , everyone make videos on YouTube.

Jamie Pickles says:

Great Video Review. The Interior quality Is as good as some its rivals like the Peugeot 3008

Darren Jeatto says:

Clearly this hoe want a Peugeot 3007

Cromoart Comunicação says:

What a stupid design! That rear remind me of that ugly Pontiac Aztek…

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