New 2018 Bentley Continental GT in-depth review – Carbuyer – James Batchelor

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Bentley Continental GT review:

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After 15 years, Bentley has finally replaced the long-serving Continental GT with a sleeker, curvier and more modern version. But does it still have that special Bentley magic? James Batchelor gets behind the wheel to find out.

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Varun Pathak says:

Better than Rolls Royce

BlackWind says:

What a stunning looking car! And in this shade of green it looks even better!

Mayank Singh says:

U r at the car wow level if not better

Deng VVeiye says:

Just a personal opinion, the color combination is horrible

LJ N says:

James I'm not a real fan of the way you do things in your reviews but one thing for sure is that you have a different personality to all other petrol head reviews and you just bring something different and classy to vehicle reviews. Good job and keep it up.

Jennifer Smith says:

did you have to wear such tight stupid pants? have you looked in the mirror?

Paris Malaspinas says:

thank you Bentley for creating such an amazing car

fettlemaster says:

Good video. Somehow makes me think of Quentin Willson from old Top Gear

Ayaz İst says:


Vaughn Reyna says:

My eyes couldn't unsee the insta-vignette effect on the video at around 0:50 😂

Joey O'Brien says:

My favorite car in production today. Amazing machine.

Evan G says:

I honestly like the old one more I like the looks and I also kind a like the idea of being able to buy an old one and it looking like the new one if I was personally Bentley I would’ve changed it to keep the similar look but still be different enough from the old one but in my opinion this car just doesn’t look as good

Daniel Tristan says:

What alternate universe is this? Where’s Mat Watson? Who’s this guy?

Speng says:

Why tf do you still makes reviews? Thought I would check it out. And its honestly horseshite compared to Carwow and various other car reviewers. You're a sad, blant and boring man.

Tarun Luthra says:

bring in mat

john kidd says:

what a load of crap you talk, you should never been allowed to enter such a stunning car. If that's the best you have to say, please go in a corner somewhere and have a word with yourself

Andrea Devetak says:

The Bentley Continental GT is a 2+2!

Andrea Devetak says:

I just know this is a dream.

Dominique Schenck says:

Guys – these cars are twentieth century. Completely unsustainable, prehistoric!

Oliver The MOG says:

The Veneer doesn't match up? Look again son. The grain follows from one panel the next. This isn't the traditional book matching that I think you thought should be there. Don't try so hard. It will make for better vids 😉

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