Morris Minor Classic Car Review || The BARGAIN of the Century

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Today’s Morris Minor classic car review looks at the gorgeous series 2 Morrie, and I am going to show you why this car is a TOTAL BARGAIN!


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Drömmen om igår says:

Nice and thurough video! I liked the camera work too ☺️
-liked and subbed!

Piyush jha says:

Sir , very nice review . & yes u are right morris minor could have been a got hatchback in today,s time but this British icon is timeless & authentic . also can you come to Kolkata & review Hindustan ambassador ( based on morris oxford series 4 ) . ??

riotagus says:

The yellow car is a Toyota Celica ST?(GT?) COUPE !
NOW, I HAVE HAD 2 MORRIS MINORS . A green one like yours,and a 4 door in Grey, and believe it or not I also have had a Toyota Celica ST COUPE!

Paul Johnstone says:

What makes you think that people in the 40/50's were smaller than you? Your ignorance shines through in every part of this vlog, ….the steering wheel is very big, the headlights altered for the Canadian market and indicators for the Aussie market??? Are you demented?
At least do your homework properly.

Neville Nevstoy says:

I have a 1000 ute but with a Datsun 1400 motor and 5 speed love it and the other car in the back ground is a Chrysler by Chrysler an up market Valiant in Australia cheers

_AoL_ Youtube Analyst. says:

old school 🙂

Piet Piraat says:

I passed my test in England in 1978. I was taught to brake on the engine and only use the brakes for the last little bit of speed, of course if it be necessary brake at the same time as the engine with that complicated bit of changing down whilst braking (never brake when not in gear or you can slip). Obviously for everyone who learnt with modern cars this seams antiquated but make it your way of life and you soon get used to it. The Morris Minor had beter brakes than some of the cars I had which didn't even have hydraulic brakes – and No I'm no Granddad!!! Of course if you can change the brakes to disc brakes you'll stop beter – facts are facts but drive according to the braking ability of your vehicle and you can have years of pleasure from such simple machines!

Martin Roberts says:

Bearing in mind this is a British designed car, I do not believe that the American or Canadian market had any input into the headlight height, when it changed from the model MM. It was just a development and improvement on the earlier lowlight version as on model MM. My first car was a 1952 minor series II.

Frier Vlogs says:

I have one of these, well, I have a 66 Morris Minor 1000 that I run as my daily drive. The late cars are perfectly usable as a daily driver. I'm 22 and have been using one now for 2 years

El_MARIACHI __ says:

Im getting one to restore for 400AUD no rust

Mark Bowman says:

Would have been worth mentioning the Series 2 was produced after the amalgamation of Nuffield & Austin to form BMC, & is an Austin designed engine. Also the series 2 is the worst Minor produced, inept gear ratios giving a fussy high revving performance compared to the SV engine it replaced. Ps headlamps were raised at the behest of North American regulations not Canadian

rover7552 says:

There was a Morris Minor Pickup and Morris Morris Minor Van

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