Morgan at Geneva 2019: Plus Six introduction

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Morgan owner and motoring journalist, Alex Goy, introduces the all-new Morgan Plus Six and chats to Morgan Head of Design, Jon Wells.

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carbonarc23 says:

Another BMW engine……… bye bye Morgan 🙁

Kyle Soler says:

My Mum loves this car, so it passes the long time fan test.

She would have to sell a lot of horses to pay for one though.

Peter Bollox says:

Let’s go back to Coventry climax. Fiat. Rover. Ford. Please

Peter Bollox says:

Thousands of parts. 937 1/2. And counting. Millimeters. Who is this fucking idiot

Jabber 1974 says:

110 years of being family owned, and now not. I just hope they don’t ruin what makes Morgan so wonderful, I hope the new investors just cough up the money and stay out of trying to run the company.

Oh and that BMW shifter is awful, seriously could someone not have come up with a solution for that, terrible, just terrible.

The steering wheel needs to go as well.

Simon Handy says:

Plus job lot of 1978 Morris Marina interior door handles

Tomasz Kostyra says:

Bla bla game changer bla bla design department… bla bla … engineering attitude …

Dork Toys says:

"Hidden speakers" under the leather? That'll sound like crap.

Dork Toys says:

I don't think sales rep's plaid sports coat and mismatched pants were an accident. I'm glad Morgan didn't put a flat cap on the guy.

Randy Cockshipes says:

Michael Gough at the 28 second mark.

individual 1 says:

Finally, I can fit in a Morgan! Now about paying for one…

lovice says:

Why didn't take the opportunity to ask its designer about that BMW gear knob and Lotus steering wheel? For a highly customizable model, surely there are better options especially considering the latest 3D printing method…

Ugotthat Right says:

That BMW shift knob sticks out like a sore thumb.

Edward Henry Harriman says:

British cars are an acquired taste. I've had 4 vintage Brit machines — '51 MG TD, '66 Mark I MGB, '66 Triumph TR4A, and a '59 Morgan Plus 4 4 Place. Never again though. Beautiful aesthetics, but just plain awful mechanical and electrical execution. And that has not changed much since. The British practically owned the sports car market for the average buyer in the 50s and 60s but blew it by not staying ahead of the curve particularly in the areas of reliability and build quality. They are beautiful, but do they ever require a special touch to keep them running! My '29 Model A Ford ran circles around my MGs in the reliability arena. There is something quite special about the Morgan without a doubt. But at that kind of cost, one can do better elsewhere…

Love It Or Scrap It says:

Great looking cars. The classic look. Thumbs up.

Jeff DeArmitt says:

James May behind him at the end?…

Andy Nixon says:

To be honest some of the styling details on the new plus 6 look incongruous and a bit naff . I can understand them wanting a fresh approach but it's not done with the tact and class it deserves .

SS Standartenfuhrer says:

Yep just the same ….they leak, ride like a bucking Broncos, lethal in the wet etc etc I smell bullshit here yep it's bullshit !

- - says:

God damn it! All that talking and Alex still didn't show us the car.

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