Mitsubishi ASX Exceed 2019 review

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Mitsubishi’s ASX is a small SUV in competition with cars like the Mazda CX-3 and Hyundai Kona. Will it be big enough for a family of four? Will it be able to fit everything in the boot? Nedahl was in the Exceed for a week with her family to find out.

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Kalpesh Acharya says:

Any car that rated 10 of 10?

ThatLookslike AnAsteroid says:

I have one of these I get between 8,.7 and 9.6Lites for every 100kilometres driven….they advertise 7.6 as they test it on rollers according to my local dealership hahahahaha

Vinnie T says:

Nice review, terrible music. I drive one, comfortable, very quiet inside on freeway, good value. CVT seems good, very efficient on fuel.

Gavin Chan says:

drama queen

stanley cronk says:

This is NA, stay on the right side of the road, or go home.

MC rockytan says:

Good review! Like it!

Steven Bradford says:

Seriously is this a motoring review,.

Soldat von Oberschlesien says:

As an European living in Australia I can't understand why the Australians buying those SUV, it has no boot, takes more petrol than a wagon in such a size and is not practical at all, we in Europe always drive a wagons and so even in Australia I purchased an European wagon Skoda octavia with double size of boot, with much more space on back seats. More practical, less thirsty, better drive feeling and better quality for less money than this ASX.

jet43 says:

Good review. Nice car. Gorgeous lady. Going to buy next year.

Νασια Γεωργιου says:

Little. ..??????

Ken Wong says:

Looks great!! : )

Johnny Tampocao says:

I hope you can compare this car to the new CX-30 in your next review as it looks comparable in size and maybe the price. Please check it out. 🏎🏎

AutoVive says:

Got a chance to check out and do a video for the 2017 and absolutely loved it.
Love this review as well!
If you e er need content creators I'm here for you 😁😎

Sachidananda Padhi says:

Mitsubishi FMC does not give warning when the front car is moving in slow and your car is approaching in high speed.Mitsubishi has to update its software to adopt a relative velocity and distance fine tune for FMC warning. I am disappointed when compare to other company such feature. I am a Outlander PHEV GT 2018 owner.

loi thua ly says:

It's a MitsubiSHIT 😉.

Matt says:

2020 ASX photos have already been released.

Larizcar says:

Great Review!

toyellow says:

Great review as always but please show us a pedal view. No idea if they are floor mounted or hung, ally sport pedals or normal rubber. Size of brake pedal ect… Not just this review but all cars.

2hot 2handl says:

Vitara S Turbo all the way

Murray Sumpter says:

Good review, thanks.
ASX Sport or black edition the best pick in this ASX lineup !

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