MINI Hatch Car Review – Bigger, cleverer and more mature

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This third generation MINI 3-Door Hatch has been usefully improved – though not beyond recognition. Jonathan Crouch takes a look.

Fresh technology, smarter connectivity, standard-fit front and rear LED lights across the range and an advanced dual-clutch automatic gearbox are amongst the highlight changes made to this revised MINI 3-Door Hatch model. If you liked it before, you’ll really like it now.

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Shankar Balan says:

It’s a lovely little car. Well, on account of the safety norms and all, it isn’t quite as ‘little’ though..more like a nice strongly built robust hot hatch…

Anyway all cars across the world have grown significantly in size and girth over these last 20 years…

At the 13.00 mark why did you say ‘ this R56’ when referring to this particular car that you are reviewing?
The R56 ( one of which I own out here in India) is the model produced between 2006-2013.
This generation of Mini that you are reviewing, as you said at the beginning of the video, is the F 56.

There is absolutely no doubt that the F56 is much quieter than the R56. With increasingly tightening noise pollution restrictions this was only to be expected.

Alastair Baigrie says:

The new mini is becoming to look a bit frumpy and looking like middle age spread ,why didnt they follow on from the coupe

John Clowes says:

Like most cars there ok till they go wrong. However. Working on a mini engine is a nightmare and will cost an arm and leg to fix. .

simon lloyd says:

The new Maxi

David says:

I have a strange question and I hope someone may be able to answer me. I am a fairly new driver looking to buy my second car. My car currently is a Toyota Aygo and I’m looking to upgrade to a Cooper or Cooper S. Price isn’t an obstacle on these models but seeing as I’ve only had a pretty slow car so far, would a Cooper S be complete overkill? Appreciate anyone’s input 🙂

Massimiliano Righi says:

I love "1499 GT"

MPC007_EXP says:

Great review. I'm looking into the new Cooper SE currently. It's too bad it hasn't got the Cooper S like front and rear bumpers that this review Cooper has as part of the JCW package.

The Italian Job says:

Really good review, loved the Halfords Jack analogy! 😄

F56 Miniac says:

I ordered my MINI f56 Cooper S in the late Autumn for a March 2020 delivery.
After the initial excitement, I was disappointed when I stopped thinking about it all the time, so I started watching review vids of each model and I now know I have made the right choice. The only choice I wasn’t certain on was the colour. Actually I was certain…in my mind, I was sure I was having a red one but then I saw one in Starlight blue on the forecourt and it looked lovely. So I was baffled… red or blue? The lady in sales came out with a pack of coloured plaques which my husband and I thumbed through until we ended up having rejected all of the colours except blue and red and so were still no better off. I spun myself around in my chair and all the time we had been sitting next to a black 3 door Cooper S which looked stunning. I turned back to my hubby and asked him, “Do you like this 1 in black?” He said yes and with that, the sales lady filled in the form! I had been undecided for ages only to be so impulsive.
Since then I have been buying a few interior accessories in black and white check.
It’s now 34 days until I can collect it. 😄 #SoExcited from Gena

tomas victor says:

Lot of details! Great review!

The Equaliser says:

The best review I've seen for a very long time, excellent I'm off to buy one.

Prince Mwami Lee says:

Am hopping this becomes my car in 2020

flyentity says:

I'm certainly no petrol-head, but I thought this was just about the most comprehensive and well-presented car reviews I've even seen. Thank you.

Neil David says:

Can anyone comment on the 1.2 petrol engine. Is it any good?

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