Mini Cooper 2019 review: 5-door

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The Mini Cooper five door hatch is not the first car you think of when you talk about a family, but Nedahl Stelio puts it to the test for a whole week with her family of four.

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Simon Couch says:

Love watching you

Jake Wrigley says:

I love these reviews but does the cx3 ever get a break 🙄 the cx30 is coming out for that exact reason!

evo emperor says:

How did bmw manage to make this car more unreliable than bmw's own car?

Vintage Eagle says:

I think if you ever tell a friend to buy a Mini, you're a pretty bad friend because anyone who does their homework would know that these things are hopelessly unreliable and have terrible customer service. Mini is right down there with the Fiat-Chrysler group, if you buy one and keep for even a few months you'll be sent broke just with parts and servicing costs. I think that all these motor journalists should mention that but never do, pretty dodgy of them tbh.

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