Mini Cooper 2018 review

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Are Minis the coolest small prestige car out there? Richard Berry finds out.

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dnfwme says:

I have one Mini and I regret it , cheap plastic and very delicate. It is shame BMW owns it. I will never buy another mini. Thanks God that is our pleasure car not daily driver.

Dennis Fang says:

Don’t dismiss the backseats entirely though. For smaller people, they’re actually pretty roomy!

Fann Of all says:

Thinking of buying a mini for a first car any tips

David Ha says:

I hope they fixed the timing chain/fuel pump issue.

JACWEZ says:


Jaysful z says:

Useless information. Nothing mentioned about the gearbox change, no comparison of the engine performance and fixes compared to last series. Didn't mention any options and extras for each tier. Do bit more research

raven scott says:

Putting my mini schnauzer into my mini cooper.

Anish Tom says:

Is it silent inside?

Deano M says:

The Cooper S can be JCW tuned by Mini after market.

Eric Tan says:

Review missing the important transmission update…

Joanna Moores says:

loved the review, its really fab that Australia also has right hand drive, so it looks the same as in the UK:)

Taufiq R. Listiawan says:

thanks capt 😊

Gerardo Salas says:

The Union Jack tail lights are just too much.
Classless I’d say.

Pluggit1953 says:

I have a 2011 Cooper with the chrome grill, which is a lot cuter than the aggressive-looking one on the new ones. I’m no technophobe, but I find that there’s too much going on in the new Mini – all I want to do in mine is drive without all the distractions.

Nuno Lemos says:

The informations isn’t correct…

Randall Fernando says:

I hace a 2018 3 door and I love it!

femresoylu says:

I feel sorry for people who think that they are funny.

Shahir showkath ali says:

Leg room is fineeee

R Soul says:

So as with the Olympic Swimming pool now being a mainstream measurement of volume, I propose using the Richard Berry as a unit for distance. It makes far more sense than the imperial system after all.

Callum Balodis says:

I really hate how they put that black trim around the wheel arches etc, it fades and looks bad in a few years, I know it's not the only car they put it on that style of trim but it just looks cheap and nasty. Nice review but, ❤️

Andrew Plysimour says:

Back seat testing 😂😂😂

Blake Swan says:

Richard, I'm one who finds this design unattractive. It's electrocuted face is a bit much.

Ed Roberts says:

Mini Cooper S 3-Door Hatch is the dream car. Love your reviews Richard!

Top Cat says:

Loved the review but couldn't your video guru tweak the audio from your mic, there is no reason you should sound tinny. 😉 Cheers

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