MG HS 2020 review

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MG has launched the new HS model in one of the busiest parts of the Australian new car market. Competing with big-name players, the all-new MG HS model will need to offer more than just good value for buyers to consider it. So, how does it stack up?

If you plugged a computer into Australia’s car market and had it design a car, I’m fairly sure it would come up with something like the MG HS.

Does it compete in one of the hottest-selling segments in Australia? Yep, it’s a mid-size SUV. Does it compete on price? Yep, it’s impressively cheap when compared to segment favourites. Is it well specified? Yep, it ticks pretty much every box there is to tick when it comes to gear. Does it look good? Yep, it borrows key styling elements from successful rivals.

Now the tricky one: Is there more to the story? Yep, turns out there is.

See, while MG has made impressive progress with its colour-by-numbers approach to car design, selling increasingly large numbers of its MG3 hatch and ZS small SUV, it’s still had a lot of catching up to do to be considered serious competition for Australian consumers.

So, should you be wooed by the HS SUV? Does it represent true progress for a fledging competitor brand? We went to its Australian launch to find out.

This mid-size SUV is incredibly cheap for the segment.

MG has the HS stickered with drive-away prices of $30,990 for the entry-level Vibe or $34,490 for the top-spec (for now) Excite.

There’s not much between them, and generally the specification ticks off almost every box on our checklist.

Both specs get the impressive 10.1-inch touchscreen and semi-digital dash cluster which looks genuinely impressive, although you can tell where the corners have been cut. The processor for the multimedia software is painfully slow, and the screen quality is average, presenting with both glare and ghosting. The Excite gets built-in nav, but you won’t miss it. It’s extremely slow.

Both specs also get the faux leather trim everywhere, digital radio, LED DRLs, reversing camera with guiding lines, and the full safety suite (skip down to safety to see what that’s all about).

All of that for the price of a base model RAV4, Sportage, or Hyundai Tucson is undeniably good value, no matter which way you cut it.

The Excite only adds LED headlights, 1-inch larger alloy wheels (18-inch), a sport drive mode, the electric tailgate, auto wipers, the laggy nav system, and an ambient lighting package. Nothing necessary there, but the small jump in price doesn’t break the value equation either.

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Mervin Palmer says:

I don't take notice of these car testers, in the past I've had minis, allegro, Morris marina, ect, any new car is luxurious to me these days and this kids and dog wagon is brill for the money safe and seven yr warranty, what more do you want jam on it 😀

superflea72 says:

drab Aussie car reviewers are so predictable – no knob for the volume…seriously? I get accessible aircon controls, but the audio controls for cars have been on the steering wheels for ages (or that weird little stalk behind the wheel if you drive a Renault)! it would infuriate me to have to hunt around in the middle of the dash for a fricken volume control for the stereo. you talk like one of the grisled old men in some of the magazines mate, and I'm hoestly stunned that you didn't moan about the lack of a manual transmission option!

Bobby Trends West SYD says:

Boycott all Chinese owned companies – that’s mg

mach2guitar says:

Bought one a week ago. Didn't like the blue on revues that iv'e seen on youtube. Soon changed my mind when i walked into the showroom. Man its a cool colour when i saw it in the flesh (metal). Its only been a week but i'm stoked! Talked the dealer down to $30,000 with 18 year old camry as trade in. I'm loving it.A real bargain.

Francis Van Langenhove says:

MG zs is BS

Make a difference says:

Lets hope the EV version is not a long way off….

AllAboutEverything says:

Drove this today…I have to say I really liked it, and it's a lot of car for the money

Jack Tate says:

MG “was” a good car maker, nice to see its “badge” again but that isn’t “MG” it’s Chinese company making a car with an “MG” badge in Thailand. Oh well if it drives well and is a good car who cares…

Tom Robson says:

You are lucky in the UK these are £23000 thats about 45000 Australian dollars. I would have one if they made it electric like the MG ZS EV but with a much bigger battery

Chris P Bacon says:

The new MG's stand out nicely in the crowd.

1 2 3 Four Five says:

Very promising little car. Most of the issues could be fixed with a bit of tuning for Aussie roads.

LDV managed to get Walkinshaw to tune the LDV T60's suspension. It's only a matter of time before they can get this right too.

That Dual Clutch lag is found on Skoda's cars too, infuriatingly. Their 7 speed DSG is horrid with 1.4L turbo to drive if it isn't on sports mode.

Noel Cahill says:

All the remarks you see are a mirror to hyundai and kia 20 yrs ago

7s29 says:

These new MG's are cheap and cheerful. At the end of the car, people don't want to spend much, so these things will sell well.

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