Mercedes S-Class Coupe 2019 in-depth review | carwow

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This is the all-new Mercedes S-Class Coupe! Both the exterior & interior come with numerous upgrades, from the Panamerica-style grille up front, to the huge infotainment screen that engulfs the dash on the inside. But it doesn’t come cheap! So are the upgrades worthy of the price tag and the prestigious S-Class badge? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!

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Alex T says:

0:48 I thought those were Chevrolet emblems on the steering wheel

420 Dont Blaze It, Study says:

That wiper thing is cool and all but my electric forklift has that, I don’t get why I would buy an S class when I could buy a forklift I mean, sure I can go 150mph on the S class, but can it lift a 1 tonne box 10 feet up in the air? No, no it can’t.

Awais Ali says:

850i pisses over this even though s class is my fav

Hobbes Tiger says:

I'm going to get two of these – in 1:18 scale

Hobbes Tiger says:

Thumbs up for the happy end comment

Aruna Solanki says:

When your Wow and What has no difference, you see this car!!

JustActing says:

New word. "Electricly"

Stefan'z Crazy TV says:

Hahhaha this one was funny mate, fuckin happy ending ur a legend mate chears

Peter Hobs says:

So? what's the Doug-score?

Favor Maduka says:


Po 66 says:

no way would I want to sit in the cramped back of a 2 door, his legs are cooped up. Treat as a 2 seater.

Martinet Gashugi says:

Haha quality !!

Stefan Xu says:

You are so good at your job

Harley Shin says:

…..and Idrive is NOT better. Such BMW bitch

Harley Shin says:

This guy goes from speaking to mumbling. Terrible review

Seamus Carroll says:

100k and no spare wheel? WTF?

Omar Delawer says:

I liked everything about this video except the fact that the steering wheel is mounted on the right side of the car. Lol

Top Ten Youtube Top 10 LIST says:

most people here are like I'll buy this cheap car..

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