Mercedes-Maybach S600 revealed

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Subscribe to the channel now: Two years after retiring its Maybach name, Mercedes-Benz has resurrected the marque on this super-lu…


Koji Takata says:

Well they should make a longer version or extended wheelbased.

Dorifto Kingu! says:

This is not a really good move mercedes… People who buy these cars want
comfort and space sure but also to stand out and show their “position”
(well most of them do) so car which most people will see as a normal S600
doesn’t sound unique enough.

Fadic4 says:

If Mercedes warns this to succeed they need to do way more than nice seats
and different engines. 

Petar Stankovic says:

Mercedes did GREAT move here. The only low profile super luxury car that
exist. You can drive in the middle of the city and no one needs to know you
are a billionaire, and very few will take pictures of your car at the every
corner. Good luck doing that in the old Maybach or Rolls Royce 

KHD says:

1sr ..
Rims ! What the hell

dipojones says:

So now the Maybach is really a stretched out S600 ? Fucked up move by
Mercedes. Should have just restyled and left the maybach alone. Besides who
wants to buy a maybach that looks like an S600 ? Wasn’t that the original
complaint ? 

ewt415 says:

All of you people who are saying Mercedes didn’t do anything to improve it
are forgetting a few things. 1) The standard Mercedes is already phenomenal
in technology and features. 2) Maybachs of the old are known for their low
key customizability. Frankly, I wasn’t aware of how much they can be
customized in luxury features until I watched that one video where they
documented the process. 3) This isn’t a performance car. What the hell can
they do to improve it other than make it more comfortable? Did you expect
to see drastic differences like when you go from a 435i to an M4?

GeorgeTheGreek1978 says:

Coming to a local rap music video soon

Lolli kips says:

That’s one boring looking car, for $150k


I’m a big Benz guy, but this is terrible. Literally just repeating what
they did before with “maybach”, even worse than before. This time the S
class is just literally stretched, that’s it.

sexydjole93 says:

Yeah, think just of that. Mercedes-Maybach S AMG, and further away BRABUS

Youfatfudge butthowlee says:

i just got a boner

Anton Bäcklund says:

No Maybach ornament………… :/

Markin Dadomi says:

1 Milão de reais é pouco pra se pagar numa dessas no Brasil!
Mas é por isso que estou trabalhando, para poder colocar as mãos em carros
como este!

Smokey BEAR says:

why buy this when you can buy a s class amg??

JundaComputersGmbH says:

The Maybach 57 and 62 had the problem being just a fancy version of an old
outdated W140 from the mid 90’s, while costing 3x more than a W221 that is
about 20 years newer than a W140 they were based on. This new version based
off a W222 isn’t even a full Maybach, its a Maybach “trim level” inside the
Mercedes-Benz S Class. What’s more confusing would be the choice of
choosing either the Mercedes-Maybach S600 or the S65 AMG because its not
clear on which car is the highest trim level in the S-Class range. Daimler
should have completely resurrected the Maybach Marque instead of this
half-arsed design. Maybach is much higher level in class and luxury than
MB, and having Mercedes-Benz badge on it will downgrade the car’s social
class to lower than its competitors of Rolls-Royce and Bentley. It would be
like buying a Lamborghini Huracan but it doesn’t have any Lambo badges on
it, instead it has Audi R8 badges every where, and Lamborghini brand is
much more exotic than Audi.

osamaFXX says:


mohammed alghamdi says:

Bentley … Bentley …… Bentley

TheJoeMB says:

I’d have the Rolls Royce Ghost please thanks. 

crashlove768 says:

those wheels looks kinda nigga

TheMerkageturk says:


dave dunn says:

It doesnt look as distinctive enough to wear the maybach name

Tiago André says:

crossing Europe on this…

YesIAmThatCoolBitch says:

They should’ve given it a 3 spoke steering wheel…

sik59rt says:

Similar or same engine to the S65?

Hedser Wijbenga says:

Looks like an s350, until a saw the rims, even worse than an s350. Is the
marketing team at mercedes sleeping or something?

BloodHarvest21 says:

I find it strange that they would still label it as a mercedes. s600’s
depreciate like crazy and may not really compete with bentleys and rolls

Roman Alekseev says:

I dont see any difference between this and normal S600, except an extra
small window and reprofiled rear door, and no changes inside as i was
inside S500 on the motor show, just a bit more space at the back

gtr2racerUA says:

Mercedes-Maybach !? ладно Mercedes-AMG (и то странно), ждём FIAT-Romeo,

TheWangPro says:

The only change I see are the wheels LOL

Best Braai says:

I actually expected it to cost more. Its kind of cheap when comparing it to
the previous “real” Maybach.

dracolnyte says:

if they are using this version of S600 to compete with rolls royce and
bentley, then they have failed already. no one is stupid enough to pay a
bentley/rolls price for a mercedes; they arent even on the same level

Whoopy Lover says:

Best interior ever.

Ruhul Amin says:

From the outside and ignoring the maybach badge, this looks like an entry
level s-class. I think it’s the wheels, They’re not floating my boat. 

L Bricks says:

M m m m maybach music

Łukasz Śmigielski says:

A dream car

john santana neira says:


MrInternetDude says:

but you really cant call it MAYBACH, the real Maybach should be very unique
a very sub exclusive SCLASS, the rolls royce wins this if this is the
competition smae as bentley 

Mo B says:

Worst move in ages from Benz after the Chrysler story…This has nothing to
do with the refinment and the luxury of the previous Maybach. just a
stretched S-class and the dual name is so stupid! What was they thinking?

Mason Grace says:

Mercedes, the ultimate “I have one too” homo brand. If youre a real player
you’d be in a new Rolls Royce, not a $900 per month financed faggot car

Stefan Wojcik says:

They could have atleast changed the front fascia a little….

Ethan Baab says:

Who even uses this type of vehicle? It’s more a showcase of technology and
“what can be done” than a practical car. 

anotherone10 says:

Those wheels look nasty

Dun Zhao says:


jones says:

As ugly as always been

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