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Alaatin61 says:

Check my channel for more Mercedes

RangoVidsOfMangoO12 says:

Can’t decide between this or the 1 series BMW. The 1 series drives better

xBlackRaiderx says:

Automatic Hatchback? :(

MrRandomname1011 says:

the base a class looks a lot worse than this model which is a shame :S

SladkaPritomnost says:

very stylish
but have all these internet social network media supports is for me kinda

Auriann s says:

I thought this was the b class im so confused lool

Simon Knight says:

Is it more fun to drive than a ford focus?

Sepehr Kherad says:

You cant compete the a1 to this this isnt in the same class range

0Tidgy0 says:

Such a nice car, as are all Mercedes.

Sule bereaux says:

I can tell Shane Pegus’ profile picture is at Maracas Bay Trinidad 

mrzkhan1 says:

8:20 That’s me xD I forgot I wrote that comment though :3

Fritz Rottmann says:

there are other engine from Mercedes and not from Renault!!!
It´s just a very cheep Option with aceptable power

Nebin Baby says:

compared to A class 1 series is fucking dead car

laureniqua says:

I hope soon they start to phase out all the outdated looking Mercedes cars.
This is my favourite looking car along with the G class

Coderoid says:

Makes the 1-Series look like a right munter!

Rohit Eligeti says:

Why can’t they just place any tablets like ipad to the holder and use it as
your navigation system and other media stuffs to control your car? instead
of expensive built-ins?

abrahamscomment says:

with the diesel and 7 speed auto, you can cruise at 70 mph at less than


The diesel comes from Renaut and has a cambelt not a chain.

Fuad Saud says:

it’s a really good looking cat, but in general it sucks next to both a3 and
the golf, just as the cla is less a car than the a3 sallon :

Reginald Phumlani says:

great review.

richie rich says:

this summer i’m buying this car a mercades benz 2013 or 2014…….

Theo Harrison says:


Saeed Boukhari says:

Whats the length of this car?

Jacob N says:

Really great review. 

hunker7photovideo says:

Which one would you say has better built quality from German trio? 

zakaria mamana says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

MrRazvanel009 says:

7:43 wtf is that sound ? :))

Helni Costa says:

Great look and style for a mercedes but not as much fun like a BMW M1

Alaatin61 says:

I filmed two 2013/2014 A45 AMG in black and white. Check my channel

Adam H says:

What is the music at the beginning called?

mikulic123 says:

Why its unpossible to find this app in AppStore? 

comba06 says:

Go for a drive before being swayed by the nice exterior design. Compared to
a 1 series, nowhere near as fun/sporty/sharp to drive. The interior
‘tablet’ display (compared to Beemer 1 series iDrive Pro size display or
‘pop-up’ Audi A3), looks really cheap, and the interior for some is too
‘fussy/snazzy’, and looks cheap, rather than minimalist stylish German.
Most of all, a rather mundane, non-rear-wheel driving experience.

Ezra G says:

Received delivery after an 8 month wait. Where do I start?? The Good! Car
looks fab and very classy to sit in. Everything works, Bluetooth Siri etc.
Seats are very comfy and the 1.6 SE Auto engine is quiet at high speeds!
Just some minor noise from the alloy wheels, economy at its best on the
motorway, full tank £58 and I am getting 340 miles from that, which is fab!
The bad! Engine is extremely absolutely sluggish!! Dreadful when you doing
3 point turns you find yourself ahead of the response all the time.
Suspension is on the firm side but I can live with that! I must admit you
have to put your foot down and you do get some some response from the
engine then. And then, start pushing and pulling some of the interior
fittings- my goodness!! Really Mercedes?? I get full consolation from the
looks, aske me if you want me to explain further!

LieutenantJimDangle says:

As a person who lives with a family that had owned a 135i (sedan) and
currently owns this current A250 AMG 4matic (my moms), a MK6 GTI (my
personal car) and an Mini Cooper S (my sisters) heres my two cents my :

The A Class is a great car.
I can vouch that it really does feel more premium than its rivals. It looks
great on the outside and inside and will gain you the compliments of other
people. The design is stunning, it just looks and feels great to look and
be in. Tech is really good too, the parking sensors and the center
electronic console are useful. (WHO THE FUCK USES FACEBOOK IN THEIR CAR) in
However the car seriously lacks the characteristics of a HOT hatch. In fact
its more of a cruiser with subpar ride.

The steering feel is AWFULLY NUMB. Its close to Honda CRV/Audi level of
steering feel. Power and pedal placement is good when traction is off and
on your on sport, but in normal driving it seriously lacks the urgency of
its rivals. The Dual clutch transmission isn’t bang on either. While it may
be as fast the GTI, it does not FEEL as fast and nimble.

While I dont know much about space, I do feel that the A Class while having
one cool ass dash, the controls are simply not laid out. PERSONALLY I
dislike the one the WHEEL SHIFTER (Its the same one they use in an ML) and
the fucking parking prake isn’t a pull lever or a electronic switch on the
dash next to the cup holders but a little switch thing underneath the
steering wheel. And one major issue I have with this car is, WHY DID THEY

Not trying to be a fanboy and I certainly don’t hate the car, in fact I
think its the best looking hot hatch out there (save the Scirocco), these
two gripes are big issues to me.

If you are looking for a great looking car in this sort of price range that
feels and looks really premium I highly advise buying this car, cause its a
great thing to own.

But to drive, despite their shortcomings, the 135i and the Cooper S are so
much funner to drive.

Not trying to be a fanboy, MK6 GTI does little wrong except it look and
badge is kinda boring. I would much advise going for the GTI money for
value. But as a car, especially as a hatch to be seen in, the A Class can’t
be beat. (And isn’t gaining the attention of others all that matters)

Sami Benz says:

A45 AMG speedrun. GoPro Hero3. Check it out on my channel.

DJFrez0 says:

Is it running on runflat tyre?

David Hee says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

rabagor756 says:

you would think mb would make that dash touchscreen…… tad disappointed

Tillolo79 says:

My Car! I love it!

kvn476 says:


007knick says:

Can you please do the photo thing again?

swaggitime chillertime says:

Cla cla cla cla cla cla cla cla cla pleaaase 🙂

gio tes says:


sexyhotslutbabe says:

Please find a fire and die in it.

Music777Lady says:

Shame. The car looks so great from outside but not inside. = (

Arron Somerville says:

i think the back end looks a bit like a citoren!

Stief3 says:

Someone know the song in the beginning?

TheGodfatherSahil12 says:

Mercedes used this design language in their concept cars way before Hyundai
came up with their new designs.

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