Mercedes A-Class 2017 Hatchback review | Mat Watson Reviews

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Mercedes has waved goodbye to its previous unconventional A-Class design in favour of a more standard but sleeker body, in keeping with rivals such as the Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Volkswagen Golf. However, whilst the design may have undergone a facelift what about the rest of the A-Class? Can Mercedes justify it’s price tag, or do rivals simply out class this Mercedes? What model is the most fuel efficient and, can the interior pass the infamous carwow flick test? Find out all the answers and more on what I think of the Mercedes A-Class in this in-depth review in full 4K.

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Justin Chong says:

The A Team! Ahhh I get it……

Jordan Welsh says:

I'm starting at Royal Holloway near where he is filming this :L

FunnyGangstar says:

He ripped the shit out this car. Every single point was bad. After mentioning the handling and gearbox the bad points just didn't end.

Cosmin Calin says:

Mat, love all your work, but may I ask who on Earth gives a dime on the rear seat space, especially for the third passenger?! How many owners drive more than themselves in these cars?

Bukkageisha says:

bad mercedes

ShroomWalrus says:

I still don't like the A-Class design. Never have. First it looked like a tumor on wheels, then a mini mpv, and then the current design the front is just way too stretched, you look at it from a front angle it's like "oh an estate" then you look from the side and it's a weird mutant

Seb Loeb says:

mat thanky, good video BUT please start to do a REAL VIDEO TESTING-just a litle bit longer then these videos now 🙂 hope you will :-)

pipsicle says:

They spent all the money on the exterior styling. It's been a cramped, noisy, poor to drive crate from day 1. Hopefully the next generation one will be a huge improvement. Definitely only for people who know nothing about cars and everything about plastic badges.

precaution says:

threeway action lool

jamiroquai01fan says:

It's actually a Renault. Shhhhh…

Connormck 19 says:

The offset pedals have been a problem with mercedes cars for ages, wonder why it's not been addressed

ast5515 says:

It gets a reversing camera as standard? In my damn country, you have to pay extra for parking sensors, reversing camera, auto folding mirrors, seat heating, folding rear seats, climate control, (non adaptive) cruise control, and even for a damn tire repair kit (spare tire isn't even available). In the E class… Only assholes buy Mercedes here, because everyone else is disgusted by them.
Audi and BMW aren't better either.

Copa setic says:

Yeah I get it, the A team!

Samuel Brooks says:

I'd much rather have the new Megane over this overpriced crap.

Samuel Brooks says:

Mercedes desperately needs to get rid of its plastic leather 'Artico' – vinyl seats in everything up to the E-Class! Totally unbecoming of cars that cost as much as they do. Either put fabric in or leather, not fake leather that doesn't even feel like real leather.

Stephen Wakeman says:

Is it true that a couple of the lower powered diesels are actually Renault units? How can they charge Merc money for the outside and put French tat on the inside? Scandalous!

Hassan _ says:

A45 review please!

Irakli Guruli says:

cabin felt little bit noisy to honest. am i right ?

dschonsie says:

No, thank's.

Qin Zhu says:

I really hope USA gets this car!

Fabian Honor says:

Sorry but the audio is not on point :s

BFC Ricky says:

Very expensive Renault

Derek Finnegan says:

The pre-face lift bumper looks much better. The slimmed down air intakes really make the car look less sporty.

The Easter egg always appears in the underfloor area of the boot!

Robert Bidochon says:

Yeah… 45 mpg for a turbo diesel compact.
I do 50 mpg in a N/A petrol compact, and it doesn't weight 1 ton+…. You call this progress? wait a minute.

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