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This is the Mazda CX-5! It’s a decent size family SUV that’s looking to go head-to-head with the likes of the Ford Kuga and Volkswagen Tiguan. But with such an array of SUV options available on the road today, how does the CX-5 stack up against the competition? Join Mat for a full run-down of this SUV, along with some real-world testing where you can find out just what it’s like to drive and live with on a daily basis!

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Ryan The Rock says:

Pity abt the warranty…id go for the kia sportage for this reason only…they are very similar

Alexander Farid says:

What about leg room for someone who is 2 m tall.

Andalusia says:

Terrible speach affectation – Difficul to hear this guy properly as he is trying to sound like a schoolgirl

Fuad Chowdhary says:

Hey Mat, could you please upload a comparison video if Mazda CX-5 2019 and RAV4 2019? Please. Thank you 🙏

Ray Madani says:

Dude, it is a car not a bottle shop !

Andre Nickell says:

A lot of flimsy part assembly, I noticed.

Andre Nickell says:

I use CDs!!! I would not buy a vehicle without a CCD player!!!!!!!!!!!!

ashja pirzada says:

please review proton x70 awd

Rob Denaro says:

Too small and impractical. No full size spare wheel. So take it on country drives, dirt roads, beach, and tow anything, at your own risk. This is a small SUV, not mid sized. Best limited to the city and suburbs.

jgsky says:

wow CD player! I go for it. XD

Irukuvarjjula Praneeth says:

Can you Please do a review for 2019 Subaru Forester and Outback.

Johnny says:

Could have really put the bottle in the other cup holder.

odjblue says:

What's your opinion on the 2.0l NA?

GT C says:

HATE these stupid right side steering car presentations! HELLO…!!!

Aurelian Manoli says:

It’s a 25k£ car that rivals with more expensive ones. Mazdas are fun to drive, reliable and cheap to run. Also they are sexy cars. I had Audi’s, BMW and VW but they can’t compare to my Mazda.

Steve M says:

In my humble opinion Matt is entertaining and gives well rounded, insightful reviews. I almost always chose Matt and carwow first when looking for car reviews. Keep up the good work. Funny how some comments express irritation with the presentation style yet they refer to the numerous carwow videos they don’t care for… here’s a thought, watch something else.

Donald Tirkey says:

@matwatsoncars could you plz review CX9 too…

tom spud says:

Not sure why you would compare a Jap car to Vauxhall muck. I wouldn't take a Vauxhall if they were even half the price.

harsha hampole says:

11:46 I see what you did there mat

faraz_ 224 says:

Matt is the type of guy that… Oh wait wronrg Channel

Trend ترند says:

Nothing makes you happy nothing !!!
You should get a customized car, only for you.

James7851 says:

11:46 – Having fun?

Malte Ehlers says:

Please do km/l also, or just as an overlay…

Patrick Ronoh says:

is it a gt model

Felipe Fernandez Lomas says:

Superb review @MatWatsonCars . I rented one of these a couple of weeks ago and loved it, but I said pretty much the same as you. The 2.0 is sluggish and thirsty, and having a manual gearbox just ruins the adaptive cruise control in stop/start traffic. That infotainment system drove me mad too

spikey Top says:

Took ownership of a cx5 2.0 sport nav+ auto in Snowflake white on 1/3/19.

The good points: Extremely well put together cabin and quality trim, puts me in mind of BMW & Mercedes. Seat leather is of a good quality and seats are supportive and comfortable. Road noise is good for class and a lot better than the Honda CRV and Peugeot 3008. The Bose sound system is very good and has a large subwoofer in the floor lining of the boot. I also appreciate having a cd player, not everyone wants to buy down loads of an album they have probably bought umpteen times before! Cabin space is sufficient and rear leg room is fine for us (sub 6ft) The external styling is beautiful, not too in your face, I would describe it as classy and a cut above its competitors. Boot space is adequate but not class leading. MPG is around 35 with a mix of around town and a small amount of motorway.

Bad points: 0-60mph is slooow, very under powered in my opinion, the car does not feel like a 2.0 the accelerator peddle takes some pushing down and nothing seems to happen. The auto gear box struggles to select the right gear if you try to pull away fast, 6 gears is just not enough which leads to a jerky change at times and holds on to the gear slightly too long. The satnav is poor with graphics that are basic and years out of date, honestly you can buy a plug in that gives better quality and features. One last gripe, the petrol engine noise can only be described as a whine, it reminds me of a fake electric engine noise.

Overall I would give this car 6.5 out of 10. A lovely looking car, quality interior but the drive fails to deliver.

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