Mazda 3 2019 review

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Has Mazda managed to create a winner? After our brief first drive of the all-new Mazda 3 in Los Angeles, the signs are pretty positive.

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RJ says:

Fondle ya lovely knobs…ffs

Matthew Hagan says:

I love the style and it wouldn’t be as interesting if the rear and huge C Pillar.

Kobes says:

thank god they’ve bumped the sound deadening, the last generation was deafening

keegan toneguzzo says:

I love the back of this car the best i think it could be the next 90s Honda or ford hatchback all the teenagers had lol

Mazda Hà Đông says:

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Mazda Hà Đông: TTTM The K Park, Khu đô thị Văn Phú, Hà Đông, Hà Nội.

Ga Me says:

Why would anyone every choose that gross Honda Civic over this? It's like choosing a woman on the high-crazy low-hot scale over a rare supermodel that isn't crazy.

Simon Miller says:

It's got a bit of AMC Gremlin about that huge C pillar.

asdfkie says:

25 this year, just started my own business this year and I’m going to work my ass off and save up to get a second hand one for work and commuting. Love the design and how it almost resembles an Aston Martin

S G says:

Oh dear.. no thanks nice interior though .

Eli R1 says:

It needs balls like a turbo SP25 one getless car,get with it Mazda

Mark Jones says:

Mazda is the new Honda. Honda seem to have lost their way?

they're taking the peace says:

Looking fantastic , great reviews as ever , love the Mazda

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