Maserati Levante S review – The exotic SUV with Ferrari-built V6 power | First Drive | Autocar India

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The Maserati Levante is now available in India with a 430hp V6 petrol engine. Sergius Barretto tells you if the exotic Italian finally has the go to match the show.

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G P says:

Overpriced , even for India!

Sandipan Naskar says:

03:54 you see that?

Thats magic..

HARI says:

3:41 🔥🔥🔥🔥

karthik54545 says:

Pointless launch 🥱🥱🥱

Artist Manthan Yagnik says:

04:48 for this lol … instead i would prefer 2021 Mercedes S Class

cns builders & developers says:

I would pick cayenne s over Levante

Pranit Mane says:

it’s no competition to the Bentayga

Shubham Ingle says:

TATA is tata❤️

Mr Niki Sharma says:

This is💯%Unique Suv

deepak thakkar says:

BMW X6M is a better option than this.

Abhinav Singh says:

Is it just me or does anybody else like the way Sergius Barretto speaks? 😀

Mars Planet says:

Porsche cars prices.

mofolactic mirza says:

I will choose my trackhawk jeep anyday over any suv 😎

D B says:

Kitna deti hai (mileage) ?

Amogh Bandodkar says:

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross

Suprio Konar says:

I love watching things i can't afford

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