Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale: Why You Should Pick One Over A Ferrari – CARFECTION

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Maserati has been making cars for over a century, yet you don’t see that many about. With a myriad of choices, Italian or otherwise, why would you go for a Maser over anything else? With the aid of the delightfully noisy GranTurismo MC Stradale Alex found out.

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Leonard Sahiti says:

0:05 intro song anyone ??

Peter says:

Im a pure alfisti, but I want that maserati so bad…

In Out says:

2020 .. is it worth getting one now that the prices have dropped dramatically?

viral advertisements says:

the king of kings

Luke Parsons says:

It’s a good car, but horrendously overpriced for the materials and performance. It would be good value at around $110,000.

Seven1 Productions says:

Pass the jag f-type has more hp

V 4 says:

Great looking car, full of style, go for the 4.7 MC it’s awesome

James Mitchell says:

Love this car. Beautiful and a Bargain!

Anthony Soprano says:

2010 Maserati Gran Turismo MC sport looks haven't changed that much i wouldn't give mine up for nothing perfect exotic car for me.

marks man says:

Damn the sound it's making at 1:50 just regular driving gave me goosebumps. Lol.

Stephen Lane says:

Shes a beauty! Maserati V8's always sounds incredible, would rather have one than a Ferrari

Jabber 1974 says:

This is the mass production cousin of the Alfa 8c.

siniša jakus says:

Nevjerojatan dizajn auta starog 2 generacije od novih modela konkurenci

Mastro Fasto says:

Love Maserati sound….

Big Block says:

We had a 2003 Quattroporte once for 3 years. It broke down due to battery issues. Not really a big deal if you are giving an Italian brand a chance after mercs and bimmas of the top range. But then: As a "gift" we got a GranTurismo MC Stradale in stunning red color as a coutesy vehicle while the Quattroporte got repaired.
I only drove it once… not too long. But boy oh boy. I will never forget it. Put it in 4th gear at 50 km/h and utilize the pedal gently but semi- firm and you have a feeling and sound experiance thats hard to forget. Sublime petrolhead gas burning experience. It had its flaws… surely. The gearbox felt really outdated and it was dangerous to park the car in narrow spots due to its "jumpiness" when standing still and thying to move 20 cm in any direction. It just slammed the gear in suddenly and you couldny crawl.
Its been a while now since this experiance… but boy oh boy. Would i choose a nearly perfect GT3 today or this stunning machine?

Thats a really hard question to answer. Depends… really. And i salute Maserati for not forcingly copying the obvious perfect, efficient and funcioning everyday- racer… but i`m still celebrating the imperfect perfection that no German brand was interested in to produce.

Soroush Toraby says:

The only dead things are the acceleration and the design of interior , other things are perferct , especially the look .

Antonio Farina says:

Why because it fucking beautiful, come home from a long day and you see this beauty on the drive it reminds you of why you work so hard.

Andy says:

Brilliant car. I really am wondering if I should buy one? Great short film, thanks.

Isaacs Random Videos says:

Theirs someone who ones one of these like so close its loud you hear it and you say Well here comes mr Maserati

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