Lotus Evora Coupe car review

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The Lotus Evora is the most upmarket car Lotus sells and retains all the balance and precision that we expect from Lotus.

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RS2Russ says:

Great review, thanks.

James Pearson says:

Great review!

anthony9325 says:

A better review than most. I also never understand the bad reviews the interior gets. It feels – and is – bespoke and luxurious, and many owners of upmarket cars who have been inside agree.

Ryan Goodnight says:

Nice review.
I guess I can live without a cup holder, for all that power and precision.

HYDRA Studios says:

What's the market price for this amazing super car?

Peter Kruzelecky says:

Automatic is not in our dictionary!

Peter Kruzelecky says:

Yes it is missing a few nick knacks in the interior, but forget not. Lotus was bread on the track, these are not cars meant for the fat dumb and rich. Those in such category would be much happier in a Benz… Lotus is for those who have a love for the most important thing, driving.

Frank Herfjord says:

Got the new gear cables now and yes it's completely different. It's still not the the most precise shifter in the world when you're really going for it but it went from the feeling of stirring mud to the feeling of firing a gun! In other words, very satisfying.

Frank Herfjord says:

Yes I know, I am planning to have the 2012 model year gearing cables installed this spring.

Frank Herfjord says:

Uh I guess, is there something in particular you want to see? I'm going to a track day at spa francorchamps and possibly TT circuit assen in May, I'll post some onboard laps of that. Maybe the nordschleife as well although I hear onboard cameras are banned there.

JimmyChannel2 says:

That's interesting to hear. Could you post more videos of your car? Thanks

Frank Herfjord says:

I think the so called interior shortcomings are exaggerated in every review. Yes maybe the ergonomics aren't spot on but when you sit down in the car your first impression is one of luxury. There's leather -everywhere- and you have a surprisingly great sense of space. I've had several passengers comment on how the car is superior to for instance Ferrari in this aspect. The usability in terms of rear view, poor heater and very low and long nose is fair game, but I don't think the interior is.

Frank Herfjord says:

I have a N/A manual transmission Evora and the transmission really is the car's weak point. It's notchy, has a long throw and is slightly poorly synchronized. although to be fair I have one of the earliest gearboxes I would have chosen IPS if I was to buy a new one.

Autotrader says:

Markets such as the US are the reason Lotus is offering the Evora S with the IPS automatic transmission. It's a little slower to 62mph (4.5secs vs 4.4secs) but fuel consumption and emissions are marginally improved (29.3mpg, 224g/km vs 28.7mpg, 229g/km)

JimmyChannel2 says:

I am amazed that it takes up 50% of Evora sales. Would the fuel economy be as worse as a manual?

Autotrader says:

Thanks for your comment. Being such a low volume sports car does create a few idiosyncrasies with the build, like the oddly positioned interior controls, which you just don't get in rivals from Porsche or Audi. But that can be part of the charm with cars like this – you're going to be part of a truly rarefied club!

Autotrader says:

Thanks JimmyChannel2 – yep, the manual is certainly one for the purist, but sales of the auto now account for way over 50% of Evora sales, which is why we chose this model to review.

Autotrader says:

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