Lotus Evora 400 Review – A Ferrari For $100,000?

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Formula Firebird says:

Oh, I think this beast will sell in America!

Roy Batty says:

Louts got tired of waiting, so they went ahead and made what the Supra should be.

santiago ortiz says:

Says “idlebrock” instead of “Edelbrock”

greengreensio says:

This should be the new supra

Ken Gold says:

I replaced the engine in mine, i sourced it from a 2010 sienna, 1200$, you cant do that with porsche $12000 ferrari $40000 or lambo $20000. also some of the interior parts nobs ect are from european for focus that window nob is 10$ in ebay, so the negative is it looks cheap; the positive is you can buy it cheap. this car is for someone that wants an exotic that has performance between a cayman and a 911 but on the cheap. an oil change on this car is $20, i only spend a bit more because i use redline. all components basically toyota… low cost and reliable that transmission is used in toyota “trucks”. the alpine or pioneer can be changed to another better unit and the rear mirrors all body panels can be swapped modularly heathelsport.
the almost universal feedback motortrend ect is this car is fun to drive has superb brake handling cornering.

504daniel says:

it literally sounds like a supercharged camery on the inside if you close ur eyes, i drive my wifes camery and it sounds the same on the inside just no supercharger whine

OC Photos says:

I’m guessing the compensation for doing this review was commensurate to the number of superlatives used.

yappatalk says:

this is the new mr2 toyota didnt want you to know about

D R says:

This guy is a shirt lifter 100%

John Aldeborgh says:

I bought one in November of 2017, it’s an absolute joy to drive. It’s my warm weather daily driver, no problems at all.

PLAY_HRD says:

Lotus needs a more complete network of dealers so servicing their cars isn't an issue.

J Storey says:

I love my Esprit S4

Matteo Lorandi says:

Una Ferrari…. non esageriamo con le parole

mindfixer4you says:

Please, English built car. Aluminium with a boot. Long standing association with Toyota. Built in a shed.

Brandon Darnes says:

The interior should be more luxurious for the price that it is in my opinion. Sounds cool though!

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