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This is the new Lexus UX! It’s the first Lexus small SUV and it’s designed to go head-to-head with the likes of the BMW X1 and the Audi Q3! But given the competition have a history in releasing small SUVs, does the new Lexus UX have what it takes to be a class leader? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!

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Volvo XC40 –
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Daniel Pango says:

I think for a sec you thought you’re reviewing the UX200 and mentioned there is room in trunk but Hybrid battery takes it away, I believe that is after hybrid battery took away the space

Jurassic Coast Comics says:

Some yout dem stole your car fam

Jurassic Coast Comics says:

Lexus designer: How many slashes in the bodywork do you want?
Lexus: ALOT

lucy rwamba says:

Now do a review on any Toyota harrier. Harriers are the real competitors of Lexus mid SUVs in the east.

Young Lee says:

I like LEXUS side and back. The front though looks like a whale.

Sean-Michael Salmon says:

Car wow is very informative

Huz Ib. says:

I bought the Toyota CHR. This is the rich cousin UX. I like the green colour

John McMahon says:

Matt, why don’t you review Subaru’s, we wanna know about the XV and the Outback.

Sucuk my dicc says:

2:46 what the hell

Mike Denman says:

why do reviewers spend so much time on the infotainment center, all sorts of good things about this vehicle, but he dwells on that aspect of the car. I rarely mess with mine, certainly never adjust while driving, and I'm sure if I used it a few times it wouldn't be so mystifying.

It is Wednesday my dudes Yee says:

This car is horrible. The backseats are very uncomfortable. The car is not smooth on the road at all. It feels very cheap on the inside. By the way' I have not been in the ux f sport.

Poloolpp XX says:

2:46 bruh the paper has a bmw logo on it

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